Our only free choice is between suffering induced or conscious self-change

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity and adapting to Nature’s system:

Just because there is no law doesn’t mean that everyone is just gonna go up and kill each other. Yes, people are capable of great evil but they are also capable of great good as well. And it’s not like other animals don’t have structure or society. Gorilla has their tribe and lions have their pride. And animals can and do consume more than what they need. This is why some animals' population grows to an enormous amount and cause an imbalance population in their ecosystem. Fact is, all living things, no matter how different they are, are all living. So they are bound to behave similarly in one way or another. That is life.

As for humans learning how to live within the optimal parameters of natural necessities, that will never happen. Or rather, that won’t last forever even if it did. Cause as long as humans are alive, they will always be capable of consuming more than what they need. And as long as humans are capable, eventually, someone will choose to horde everything to themselves. Fact is, the only way to stop human greed is through death. That way, they won’t be capable of greed.

And as for humans adapting to natural nature, that ship has sailed a long time ago. We don’t adapt to the environment. We make the environment adapt to us. This is why we have the technology. A thousand years ago, people wage war and discriminate against each other. A thousand years later, people are still doing the same thing. If history has taught us anything, it is that human nature doesn’t change. Cause we have removed ourselves from the chain of evolution. And even if we did evolve, the species that evolve from us wouldn’t be us anymore. They will be a different species entirely.

I apologize but I have to disagree with you.

Regarding Human nature, I would recommend you to read about the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment” and similar studies or delve a bit deeper into history what we are capable of doing to each other even when there are seemingly laws trying to hold us back.

And we can see even today how laws “work”, how everybody tries to circumvent them for their own advantages, and we do not necessarily need to kill and maim to cause terrible harm to others, or steal from each other. Obviously, we developed much more subtle, refined ways to do so.

I know that most people have this self-justifying dream — including famous religious leaders, spiritual teachers — that we have a “good side” as well, but unfortunately even if have such a positive side, by default it is not activated, it is dormant.

Inherently, by default, we are driven, motivated only by a completely egocentric, subjective, individualistic ego. I accept that most people are honestly unaware of this yet as they did not encounter situations where it would have come out, but this does not refute the fact that we are 100% selfish egoists and knowingly, unknowingly we always succeed, survive at each other expense.

Regarding humanity changing, consciously acquiring compatibility with nature it is not up to our free choice. You described how nature corrects any imbalance in its system by reducing the overpopulation of certain species — which is usually the result of natural catastrophes or human interference — by different means until the overall balance is restored.

This is exactly what happens and will happen to us as well.

Our recklessly overconsuming, ruthlessly competitive human system is already in perpetual crisis and now the pandemic will pull the plug on all the “bailout, stimulus” packages that try to keep a dead system alive. the pandemic is already a direct, natural reaction to our destructive system and even if we defeat this crisis others, increasingly more serious crisis situations will come until we start accepting what’s wrong and start correcting it. Otherwise, nature will reject us without any remorse since it is a strict, lawful system with “iron laws” sustaining the homeostasis life depends on.

Of course, we can still ignore this, we can fool ourselves by thinking that we can control, rule over nature. We can talk again when our collective suffering becomes such that we will not know if we can eat, drink, or breathe the next day.

Of course, we could take a step towards the necessary, unavoidable changes by our own, conscious efforts, accepting our own inherent nature as the root cause and setting out to change it, correct it.

This is our only free choice!