Our mutual coexistence, mutual interdependence is inevitable

Question from the Internet:

“What could stop co-existing where no one would be affected by others?”

If you mean stopping the co-existence of people that as a result, nobody would affect anybody else, this is not possible.

Although by default we all feel ourselves as “standalone”, unique individuals with freedom of choice about our actions, decisions, it is actually an “inbuilt” human misconception, a confusion that Nature’s evolution installed in us.

As a result, all human history is about human beings trying to egoistically, subjectively justify their own individualistic existence, mostly at the expense of others, at the expense of Nature.

But in truth, just like any other elements — on the still, vegetative, and animal levels of Nature — in Nature’s system, we are but individual cells, cogwheels within the fully integrated humanity that is in itself an integral part of Nature.

Thus just as the cells of our biological body cannot exist without the rest of the body, we also can’t exist without other people, without being an integral part of human society and around it a part of Nature. And whatever we do, whatever we try, we are inevitably influences, affected by everybody else, as we are also affected constantly by the whole Natural system we exist in.

Since our original “software” tells us otherwise, we need a unique educational method, a special, empirical science to help us understand and actually feel our integral state, our total interdependence, so finally, we could adapt ourselves to our actual existential conditions instead of the egocentric, subjective, individualistic illusion we have been living in so far.

It is this conscious adaptation against our instincts that makes us “truly Human”, elevating us to the peak of Nature’s evolution, becoming the only beings in the system that is consciously integrated and thus attains the whole system “from within”.