Our inevitable, total responsibility towards each other and Nature

Question from the Internet:

“It is my belief that people should be concerned about how their choices, actions, or influences will impact future generations. Don’t you think so?”

I fully agree with you. And we impact not only future generations but our own generation as well.

After all, we evolved into a fully integrated and interdependent world, where — whether we want it or not, whether we agree to it, aware of it or not — we influence the whole system with our actions and even with our thoughts.

This is a very unpleasant and frightening thought at first, but we can’t escape it as we are locked into this global, integral humanity within global and integral Nature without our consent, without any chance of escaping the situation. This is determined by Nature’s strict, unforgiving laws and evolution’s relentless flow towards increasing integration above diversity.

This is why urgently need a unique, purposeful, and highly practical “Integral Education” so we would learn moreover feel how we can adapt our inherently individualistic, selfish, subjective nature to our obligating evolutionary circumstances.

Our problem-solving ability and collective survival depend on this.