“Our highly competitive society has led many of us to feel isolated” Do you agree with this claim?

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readNov 18, 2020

Yes, I agree. This is the “nature of the game”.

If I have an inner drive that tells me that I have to be the best, I have to be the strongest, best looking, wealthiest, and society is accordingly built in such a way that we constantly compare ourselves to others and reward, worship those who have the most power, greatest wealth, who are “A-listers”, then I am against the world, compete against everybody and I have to succeed, survive at everybody else’s expense to reach the top, especially overcoming, emulating those I worship, covet.

The marketing, entertainment industry, reality TV shows, how politicians, professional sportsmen, celebrities behave all reinforce this notion, attitude.

This comes from our inherently egocentric, fiercely, proudly individualistic, self-justifying nature, nobody is at fault. We are born with this nature, we had no free choice about it!

The problem is — as we can very clearly, sharply see today — by blindly, instinctively following our inherent program we have become like cancer towards each other and towards Nature as our inherent ego constantly grew and today reaches an extremely intense, toxic force.

This is why — even if our health, survival depends on it — we simply cannot cooperate, make concessions but have to pursue the ruthless, exclusive competition, each and everybody surviving at the expense of others. This is why even treating the coronavirus, providing a vaccine becomes business, a race first of all, while the health, survival of people is secondary. Everybody is only for themselves in a very short-sighted manner, literally killing ourselves as a result of our egotistic, selfish, individualistic attitude, behavior.

Fortunately Human beings — apart from their inherently cancer-like program — also have a very unique Human mind that is capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change, self-upgrade which no other animal is capable of (though they do not need such ability as they are instinctively integrated with each other and Nature).

This is our Human uniqueness, the chance and ability to take our own development into our own hands and to correct, upgrade our inherently cancer-like nature to make it compatible with Nature’s template of integration, mutual cooperation, mutually complementing co-existence.

We just have to hope that we start using our unique Human mind and start changing, upgrading, adapting ourselves to Nature before increasing suffering, unsolvable problems will force us to do so against our will!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.