Our future can become incredibly good!

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think the future will be so good it’s not possible to imagine it currently? Some futurists and technology enthusiasts often make statements technology will solve all problems and we will live in a utopia. How realistic is this thinking?”

The idea of solving our problems with technology is not realistic. After all, technology is only a tool, and it works according to the user’s goals, intentions.

And since our inherent goals, intentions are all selfish, egoistic, exploitative towards each other and Nature, our technology is simply a destructive tool in our hands right now.

Our future is so good that we can’t even imagine it currently.

We can’t imagine it as we do not even know how to define “good” properly. At this stage we define “good” as in “what is good for me, what can I gain from it”.

It is the same how we “love”. We “love” when loving someone gives us a good feeling, some benefit, pleasure. If we do not receive some selfish benefit, pleasure from any action, we simply cannot act.

Our future will become incredibly good when “good” will mean the “good of everybody, the good of the whole Natural system we exist in”.

When all our calculations will be only about how to facilitate, safeguard the wellbeing, optimal state of everybody else, and we all do this mutually, we will reveal that incredibly good, infinite, timeless future we are destined to reach — here and now.