Our freedom starts when we search for the meaning of life, when we want to reveal out Human purpose

Question from the Internet:

“Is it true that we are not free in what we do because we are not free in what we desire, meaning our desires are imbedded within us?”

Yes exactly!

We are automatically, instinctively driven by our insatiable, irrepressible desire for self-fulfillment, already wanting more for ourselves.

This basic, all-encompassing desire is divided into the “animate” desires for food, sex, family and “social desires” for wealth, power/control and knowledge.

Moreover in what shape and form these desires appear in us are determined by the influence of the society we live in, as we are brainwashed constantly about what to want, how to want, how to wear, use what we have, etc.

Our “individuality” is then determined by the unique combination of how the lack and fulfillment of these desires appear in us like pictures on a computer screen.

We are all plugged into this consumption Matrix regardless of where we are in Humanity’s pyramid.

Our unique, Human, free choice starts when a completely new desire awakens in us, when we start to search for the meaning, purpose of our Human life. This is when truly free options open up about how, through what environment, by what method we want to reveal that meaning, purpose.

And when this search, development elevates is above so the other - blind, instinctive, predetermined desires and their fulfillment - we become completely free to find out who we are and why we exist.