Our free choice is to adapt ourselves to Nature consciously

Opinion from the Internet about today’s “gender confusion”:

“I have had some thoughts about this. Here is one. As Nature tries to correct what is hurting its balance it makes adjustments. Could it be possible that the “gender-confusion” for example at this time plays a part in our continuing existence? Since the more people do not choose an opposite gender to be with, the more it will be difficult to reproduce, hence the population would not increase lessening our negative impact on Nature’s balance. Just a thought…”

You are right of course, whatever happens to us ultimately comes from Nature. Even when we think we are doing something, Nature controls us through our instincts, inherent qualities, inclinations.

Many studies predict that after a peak achieved soon human population will start gradually reduce without any obvious, direct intervention from us.

Our actual “free choice” is not about acting, changing, inventing, destroying, and rebuilding, but it is about learning Nature’s laws and evolutionary plan and how we could adapt ourselves to it.

When we consciously, proactively start acting alongside Nature as “partners”, then we will feel as if we controlled everything, experiencing, enjoying a completely different, limitless, abundant life.