Our biological being is like our “pet”, our “true Humanity” is in unconditionally serving others

Opinion from the Internet about our “Humanity” being decoded in our DNA:

“The point you missed about Humans sharing a certain percentage of DNA with other animals or even with plants is, that the relationship between % DNA similarity and capability is not linear. So 99% similarity with chimpanzees does not rule out that the capability for conscious thinking to be genetically encoded in the 1%.”

I am not denying what you are saying. What I have been trying to tell, is that our “Humanity” is not decoded in our “biological being”, which “being” also contains the billions of microbes as someone else pointed out.

As unique empirical scientists write, we need to consider our “biological being” as our special pet, we have to look after it so it remains healthy.

But at the same time we need to recognize, develop our true “Humanity” which is not connected to our “biological being”, but it is actually outside of it, even outside of the so-called “self”.

Our “Humanity” is defined by our attitude, relationship towards whatever is outside of “ourselves” and we reach “being Human” when we start relating to others as Nature’s elements relate to Nature’s system in general: in a completely selfless, altruistic manner, existing in order to serve everything outside of themselves.

Our Human uniqueness is that we have to achieve this “Nature-like” connection, mutual altruism above and against the unique Human ego, the only thing that truly differentiates us from other developed, social primates, making us individual, egotistic, selfish beings. The fact that we have to achieve such Nature-like mutual altruism against our ego gives us the Human consciousness, comparative ability no other animals possess.