Changing the world by changing ourselves first

Opinion from the Internet on new, positive environments in order to change Human society:

Sadly, I think that a lot of the positive people who potentially would be the right people to support one of these groups would be wary of being part of a group. Partly because organized groups often create their own kind of hierarchy and risk becoming similar to the society they were supposed to be changing. Like in the famous book “Animal Farm” which was written to illustrate this phenomenon.

I also think a radical change in society could only come about if the status quo were to be completely disrupted by some event or series of events that would weaken it like, for example, a complete collapse of the world economy.

So let's continue with our own self enforced lockdown.

Yes, I fully agree with you.

If those new societies with the “positive people” would follow the same patterns that we use in any kind of society today, they would also become the same environment that they set out to change. Without some fundamental inner changes, we can not escape our inherently egocentric, exploitative, and subjective program.

While self-imposed lockdown, self-restriction, at least not causing harm is already good, this is not enough. We can’t remain completely isolated from each other as we are social creatures and Nature’s integral system also pushed us towards “Nature-like” integration according to the plan of evolution.

Thus when “positive” people who feel the need for change decide to establish a new society for the correction of the world, they need to start that with correcting, upgrading themselves, their inner program first through a unique, purposeful and practical education! When they can acquire a second — Nature-like, selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving — program, inclination above the original egotistic, selfish one, then they become ready and suitable to start helping, leading all the others — towards the same educational method.

Only when at least a critical mass of people (said to about 10–15% of actual societies) acquired a changed, upgraded nature and can connect for each other’s sake not in order to exploit others, then they merit to build a new Human society that can become positive and constructive in a sustainable way.

Only by changing ourselves first can we change the world!



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.