True solutions come only above the contradictions, merging all opposite viewpoints together

Opinion from the Internet on Human nature and progress:

That is true about human nature, that we look at everything in an egocentric, subjective manner. What we sometimes miss is that there may be underlying relationships we will not see.

When do we have the most invigorating feelings? When do we sense the most meaning in life?

It is when individuals do terrible things that some of us Are impelled to do greater things in response, finding within ourselves qualities we did not know that we possessed.

What truly sacrificial or courageous or compassionate acts acts would be done without equally terrible adversity that motivates us?

When we are faced with an unfortunate being in need, our better nature may or may not awaken. If it does, that act of compassion might awaken something in the needy one. When we voluntary give of ourself, There is the meaning in life.

If someone taxes us to force us to help against our will, we will likely be resentful, and the recipients often lose their motivation to overcome. Where is the sense of meaning in that?

Lack of adversity lets some human qualities go to sleep. And some forms of adversity can only manifest through human behavior.

So are these features of human nature that you describe “evil”, or are they a necessary part of the larger true nature of humanity. If we were finally able to end those unkind human acts, how would humanity continue to discover And strengthen its better nature?

I actually totally agree with you!

I don’t think I used the word “evil” as we can’t call something evil or sinful that we had no free choice about. We are born with inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective qualities.

And the reason we have such “seemingly negative” qualities, contractions in Humanity is exactly what you wrote: to constantly grow, develop as a result of the contradictions forcing us to dig deeper and find solutions above them.

And since we all look at reality in an inherently egocentric, subjective way, what looks “evil”, unacceptable from my point of view might look absolutely perfect, reasonable from the viewpoint of another. And as long as we all see only a small, self-centered, self-justifying later of the total picture it will always remain that way.

Moreover as you suggested without the “stimulation” provided from the arguments, contradictions we can't actually examine things, without contrast, verifying, examining everything against their very opposites we would never have a proper, truthful perception, comparative research ability.

This is why in order to agree, to move on we constantly have to try to rise above the contradictions - instead of trying to suppress, erase, muzzle opposing opinions, viewpoints.

We have to learn how to effectively combine all different, even most controversial sides, opinions, viewpoints into a single, composite picture, that can't exist in any of us but we can build together by giving space to all opinions, viewpoints.

When we become efficient in approaching problems this way the open, instinctive, blindly recurring clashes, riots, wars will subside, since we will understand the reason, purpose of the disagreements, arguments and we will know how to handle them.

Unity, solutions, agreements will always be achieved above the rejection, disagreements, potential clashes, by purposefully, methodically rising above them using common goals, common purpose and the right method of collective problem solving, decision making.