Taking evolution into our own hands

Opinion from the Internet on Human evolution:

“The word ‘evolution’ sounds as if it goes ‘forwards’ to something better, but actually in the real or ‘animal’ world, it is the survival if the fittest and spreading as many genes as one can. The ‘meek’ do not inherit the world but are eaten, as is seen over and over again.
I have a theory that is coming to some light, that Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis, in their small groups were more co-operative and truthful in surviving the harsh climate and co-operative in hunting large animals. The so-called advanced humans were more competitive, able to hunt smaller animals on their own. Lying and deceitfulness, that seems rampant in my region prohibits community togetherness.
We must evolve away from religion and heirarchy. We must speak plainly of the truth. There’s a psychopathy spectrum in Homo sapiens sapiens, and like left-handedness or being gay, we have to work out how to make sure they stop getting voted into governments or getting to the top of corporations. In my region, the sheep vote for wolves, and even support those with mental illnesses sycophantic to the psychopaths getting fashion photoshoots in Greens rainforest demonstrations.
Borderline personality disorder seems extremely common in my region, As facilitators of many groups, they are competitive for attention, as they have usually had a neglectful early childhood, not getting enough or consistent attention. They are your best friends one moment and then blame you for everything the next.
People are so into opposing teams and staying loyal to a party that is loyal to big oil-related industry. It can be difficult to unite very small divided groups. It was a tactic in Roman times; to divide and rule.”

You describe a lot of realism, truth looking at our present society.

It is also true that Human evolution up to this point followed the “strong eats the meek” interpretation of the “survival of the fittest”. We purposefully succeed, survive at each other’s expense while accumulate wealth, possessions way beyond our necessities.

And “divide and conquer” is still the most important, most frequently used political ideology.

But the same (mis)interpretation doesn’t work in Nature.

The predator eats the pray as it is programmed to do so and the pray is programmed to be eaten. Moreover most of the time it is the weakest members of the pray population that are eaten, which strengthens the species as the stronger, more able specimens survive.

Nature is cruel only from our own distorted, ”Disney-educated” point of view, but the system itself with its perfect, self-replenishing “circle of life” is complete, works exactly “as designed” and as it has to.

Animals don’t hunt, kill for fun and they don’t accumulate possession beyond absolute natural necessities. “Survival of the fittest” from Nature’s point of view means “fittest to integrate into the system”.

Evolution is Nature’s deterministic developmental plan that drives the whole system towards increasing diversity on one hand while towards most optimal integration of its diverse, seemingly incompatible parts on the other hand.

Only the instinctive Humans don’t fit into this system due to our inherently selfish, egocentric, exploitative nature/program. But even this is perfectly purposeful by Nature.

Only by being inherently incompatible, opposite by birth do we have the ability, opportunity to consciously, proactively and methodically change, upgrade our program and achieve compatibility with Nature’s system and its evolution, meriting it by our own effort, free choice.

It is by this effort that we fulfill our “billing” of being the “Crowns of Evolution”.

As evolution itself, this conscious phase of Human development - starting in our times - is gradual, starting with a small number of people who are already ready and willing to go through the necessary, fundamental self-change, self-upgrade. Later these people - unique pioneers - can help, facilitate others when their time has come.

This whole process has nothing to do with the political system, economy, social ideologies, movements we have built so far - that are all fundamentally egotistic, self-serving. When people have changed, they will build completely new societies with new governing, economic structures - that are based on Nature’s template, laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.