Only our viewpoint needs to change to see light instead of darkness

Question from the Internet:

“Why is there so much darkness and evil in the world? When will light and goodness reign supreme?”

There is so much darkness and evil in the world because this is how we see it. The actual, true reality is perfect, “full of light”, but with our inherent consciousness, perception we are unable to see it.

We are all born with an inherently egocentric, subjective, distrusting nature.

Shortly after we are born and start to come to our senses (or when we become adults if we had a sheltered childhood), we start to feel ourselves in a hostile world where we have to compete, fight for survival, mostly at the expense of others.

As a result we see darkness, crisis, crimes, depression, wars, an endless struggle. We try to accumulate, hoard everything possible for ourselves as we don’t trust anybody, we always presume the worst about others, judging all negatively in order to place ourselves above them.

This sense of existence reached its maximum potential in our generation, each individual, nation trying to isolate, disconnect, while succeeding at the expense of others, even if it impossible in a global, integral world.

The pandemic showed us who we are, how we live most sharply.

If we managed to understand, moreover feel - through a very unique, purposeful and practical educational method - that we are actually individual cells of a completely integrated, interdependent Human organism, where our lives intricately depend on how we connect, communicate with each other, we could turn things around.

Then through recognizing, cherishing and consciously strengthening the interconnections between us we could start to sense a completely different, perfect reality, that has everything we need, we could ever want, and which we can obtain effortlessly.

We can then rise to a qualitatively much higher, collective, truly Human existence.