Only in contrast to the original ego, self-serving self-destructive development can we appreciate a different, selfless, altruistic, collective existence

More and more people are lamenting our previous/present egotistic, individualistic, destructive development which has brought us to the brink of self-destruction.

Still, when we look at Human evolution in a systematic way, we will see that we had to go through this self-serving, “cancer-like” development. It was necessary in order to prove to ourselves that existence through such destructive overconsumption, through the ruthless exclusive competition, the stronger constantly exploiting the weaker leads to a dead-end.

After the helplessly recurring vicious cycles in history today we have distorted, corrupted even democracy and the (seemingly) controlled, liberalized Capitalism. Again we are at a dead-end, while the destruction of the Natural environment brought us to the brink of causing irreversible damage and extinction to Nature and ourselves.

Today we have nowhere to run. There are still people who blindly want to continue the instinctive, aimless swing from left to right, right to left, reviving, reusing ideologies, systems we already failed in, but such attempts are increasingly muted and without actual hope. We are paralyzed, biding our time, waiting for an inevitable sad ending, like waiting for a tsunami on a small, flat island without any protection, ability to escape.

This desperately helpless state is ripe to awaken in us the so far dormant, “Nature-like”, selfless, altruistic program, which will help us neutralize, complement the so far raging egos, insatiable desires to consume everything recklessly.

Today we have both negative and positive motivation: more and more people are genuinely afraid of the imminent self-destruction, while a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method, science is opening up which can help us to take the necessary transition into our own hands.

In the end, we will understand that both the selfish ego and the previous/present egotistic, cancer-like development was necessary. Only through contrasts, comparative research can we make conclusions, perceive reality, comprehend things.

Only in contrast to the original, destructive, egotistic program will we be able to justify the other, “Nature-like”, a selfless, altruistic program, development which will offer us a qualitatively much higher, collective existence and partnership with Nature.

Only by acquiring the uniquely Human ability to perceive reality within great contrast, holding both ends in our hands as two reins can we reach our unique, evolutionary Human role, purpose in Nature.