Only changing our inherent nature can help us build fair, sustainable societies

Opinion from the Internet:

“People that complain about the success of others do not contribute and no matter how much the hard working successful quiet contribute, complainers never get satisfied. This is why I am so against this hatred of rich. I was happy for rich people when I slept in church steps and was homeless, I quietly worked my way up and the thank god for rich people, they help anyone who has the right attitude. After all it’s there great attitude that got them where they are. Don’t complain just do the right thing and be happy for those that make it.
If I have problems in life, it’s my fault and my problem. I was never a victim nor do I think victims exist. Victimhood is a state of mind.”

I agree with you that there are many people who - due to lack of motivation, drive, due to the circumstances or lack of abilities or even due to bad luck - can’t succeed, remain “left behind.

Then these people envy and despise those who became successful. This is human nature as we constantly measure ourselves against others and can’t stand being left behind, lower than others.

On the other hand - if we look at how our society is set up, the successful people start to flaunt their success which the media then broadcasts everywhere, rubbing it into others, while the marketing and entertainment industry constantly makes it worse, suggesting that those who are not successful are losers, and life is not life unless one lives like the celebrities, the “rich and famous”.

Moreover - and this is also human nature - those who are successful start to increase their success, accumulate wealth way beyond their necessities, by exploiting those “losers”, also making it very difficult for true social mobility to happen, purposefully creating striations in society.

In short, as long as all behave, act according to their inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative and hateful nature the divisions, frustration and mutual distrust, hate will only grow.

This is why we need to rebuild society on different foundations, different values, focusing on the quality of Human connections, mutual responsibility and mutual support instead of the mutual exploitation, success at each other’s expense, measuring everything through material wealth as we do today.

In such a society people would respect those who are more successful and envy them in a positive, respectful way as with their talents, greater abilities, greater wealth they would help those others who are less able, less successful so each and everyone could contribute to the collective with everything they have - and receive their renumeration accordingly, but within the normal limits of necessities and available resources.

Finally before one starts to argue about what “ism”, ideology, philosophy such thoughts come from, I have to note that such principles have nothing to do with the “Human mind”, but are according to Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis in closed, living, natural systems. And since Humanity is such a system, those laws are obligatory for us as well.