Only between opposites can we build unity, between enemies we build peace

Question from the Internet:

Why can opposites in society lead to unity?

Only opposites can lead to unity, only enemies can make peace, otherwise where does unity, peace come from?!

What we need to learn is how to build unity above opposites, differences, how to reach peace between enemies, without subduing, defeating, erasing the differences, opposites even hate.

Through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method we can learn how to rise above the remaining - moreover constantly growing - gap, disagreement, distrust, rejection between people, nations, and still connect towards a higher, common goal, purpose.

The first such common goal, purpose is collective problem solving, survival in the globally integrated, independent system we evolved into.

Later we will see that the special unity, peace above remaining, growing differences, distance so give us a completely new, qualitatively much higher overview, outlook on reality, an unprecedented, vibrant, dynamic collective consciousness, perception of reality which wouldn’t be possible without the contrast, tension.