Only a unique education can help us rise above the chaos and destruction towards a collective survival

Question from the Internet:

“What do you think about the current state of the world? If you had the power to change it, what would you do?”

I think we can conclude that the current state of the world is chaotic and potentially very dangerous.

Although we have in a perpetual crisis, worsening general state all around the world for a long time, different manipulations, stimulus packages, and the well-oiled “circus and bread entertainment” kept things under control at least seemingly.

The pandemic, the restrictions, the very obvious desperate helplessness of leaders and experts, and the erupting crisis as manipulations, “cosmetic surgery” can’t help anymore unleashed significant frustration, anger, intolerance from people all over the world.

People are on the streets protesting, at this stage for various reasons depending on actual countries, but since nobody has any solutions and the virus keeps coming back in waves, tolerance, and buffers, reserves are running thin.

Unfortunately, the “historic solution” for such crisis situations is usually rallying people around hatred for others, which then leads to war. And such movements have already started, thus we started a seemingly inevitable sleepwalk to another world war, which with our destructive abilities stockpiled all over the world could finish off the Human race or the vast majority.

There is only one solution: a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, which could teach us, show us, make us feel that the root cause for our present crisis and for the helplessly recurring vicious cycles of history (we ourselves repeating what happened 70–80 years ago) is our own, inherently egotistic, hateful and subjective nature.

And it is not only certain people, groups of people, nations, religions or alliances that are to blame. This inherent nature motivates, incites, drives all of us through ruthless, exclusive competition, succeeding and surviving at each other’s expense.

Thus after recognizing and accepting that the problem is within us, it is with the broken connections between individuals and nations, with the help of the same educational method we will need to start building the crucially necessary, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation. Without such connections, cooperation there is no problem solving, collective survival in a global, integral world where whatever happens affects all of us.

We will have to learn that it is natural that we can’t agree, we can’t truly sympathize with each other, that we can’t see things through each other’s viewpoints as we are all born with egocentric and subjective perception. And we also have to learn that we cannot suppress, erase anything in the world, that all, even the most contradicting, seemingly harmful viewpoints, opinions have their place.

True peace, unity, agreements can come only above and despite the oppositions, differences of opinions, even hate, when we all start moving towards the same goals, trying to build a society that can guarantee everybody’s survival, providing a place and functions for everything and everyone.

This is why we need the above mentioned special education.