Only a complete mindset change — and a new education — can prevent us losing the youth completely!

Question from the Internet:

“The Internet is a blessing, we all agree with that, but what are the certain drawbacks that is causing major destruction to the youth? How can we protect ourselves from it?”

The Internet and virtual technology is truly a blessing. It provides the perfect platform for building the mutually responsible, mutually complementing global interconnections, cooperation we need for problem solving and survival.

After all in the globally integrated, interdependent world we evolved into, there are no individual, local, national problems or solutions any more, only global ones.

But the Internet, technology are simply tools and how these tools function fully depend on how we, Human beings use them.

Thus at the moment we use the Internet and all our technology - driven by our inherently egocentric, selfish, exploitative nature - as everything else. We ruthlessly compete, we succeed at each other’s expense, we spy on each other and use whatever we have for excessive individual profit or for military applications.

And of course everything is about excessive, endless consumption while keeping people unable to think for themselves through the incessant brainwash, “circus and bread entertainment” and fake news industry.

Our youth suffer the most as they are driven into an illusory, inhuman virtual dimension while they “overdose” on computer games, virtual sex, and actual addictive substances while their only “education” is about how to produce and consume goods and services.

We don’t raise actual Human beings any longer!

We need to change ourselves, our mindset, attitude towards others and life. We have to rediscover - through a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method - what it means to be Human beings, what our very special evolutionary purpose is in Nature’s perfect, deterministic system.