Only a collective mind, logic can give us access to the true reality

Opinion from the Internet on researching, perceiving reality:

“The tool of the Human Individual to Survive in a Universe Ruled by the Laws of Physics and Reality, is his/her thinking Mind, through Logic, Reason, and Common Sense.

To Command Reality, we must First Accept Reality.”

It is true, the problem is that our inherent mind, logic, and reason is by default egocentric, subjective, thus it is incapable of researching and attaining reality “as it is”, in its true, objective form.

This has been confirmed by quantum physics, and this is why most of our “top” sciences have become theoretical, philosophical while even such a problem as the virus pandemic left us “with our pants down” as our egocentric, subjective nature prevents us from properly approaching Nature’s laws, events, and prevents us from forming the “collective consciousness’ that could help us to form a proper approach and research ability.

It is only a unique collective reason, logic, mind that will make us able to become Nature’s objective observers, and access reality as it is.