On the way towards “love” and a completely different Human life…

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readApr 17, 2020


We have been talking, writing about a global world, “global village”, interdependence, “butterfly effect”, global connections/organizations, but most of it remained simple lip service, or as they say “our heart and mouth was not in synchrony”. And even when we started using the global connections, interdependence, we used it for selfish gains, continuing our usual, exclusively competitive operations, succeeding, profiting at the expense of others.

Then Covid-19 shocked us, showing in a very real context, in a practical way what this global interdependence means, how global, mutual responsibility should be like. But of course, we do not have the experience, education for this so again we responded individually, nationally trying to survive at the expense of each other. Thus the pandemic is unfolding much worse than it should have and there are no signs that people who should be leading us, who should be “experts” learned anything from it.

Unless we start learning the lessons of the pandemic, feeling “through our flesh” what it means that our lives depend on the life of everybody else on this planet, that we are all 100% responsible for everybody else, we won’t be able to solve the next, predictably worse global calamity, starting with the inevitable socio-economic collapse as our whole system is unnatural, unsustainable and now the virus pulled the plug from the life-support machine.

What we should be learning from all the global problems, warning that we are a single, multi-cellular organism, where each of us is a single, individual cell, fully interconnected with all other cells and every other element of the system with myriads of threads. Closed, living, natural systems — like Humanity — can operate optimally and survive only through a unique, selfless, mutually complementing, mutually responsible connection network, where the crucially important circulation, communication can flow.

Wise, original, empirical scientists of Nature described this relationship with the well-know, symbolic, poetic principle of “love your neighbor as yourself”. Only when we understand the global, integral system we exist in does this principle start to make sense. If I am but an individual cell of an organism I belong to and I survive by, then “loving others” is equal to “loving myself”, since my life directly depends on the survival of the whole organism!

So there is no mysticism, philosophy or ideology in this, this is simply common sense and natural science!

The problem is that we are all born locked inside our single cell, beliving stubbornly that we can live, survive individually, we can find fulfillment, happiness alone, moreover at the expense of others. In short, we are born with the program, intelligence of a cancer cell!

Thus in order to survive, to understand that we actually have to turn ourselves around 180 degrees and start making calculations for the sake of others, fulfilling their needs, sustaining the well-being, optimal balance of the whole collective above any personal calculations, distortions (this is the absolute, natural definition of true love), we need to go through a purposeful, methodical process.

We can’t just jump from instinctive, cancer-like mutual distrust, hate to selfless, altruistic love directly!

First of all — through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method — we have to reach a “neutral state”, a state that is described by another symbolic, poetic principle, “do not do to others that you yourself hate”. First of all, we need to learn, at least how not to cause harm to others.

Through the above-mentioned method in small, purposeful circles we have to practice this mutual “no harm”, while constantly detecting the previously hidden egotistic, hateful tendencies, the constant criticism, negative judgment of others so we can always rise above them holding onto a fragile unity, mutual connection as if being lifted above ourselves by a special magnetic force we generate together aiming at collective survival.

Then a very unique additional element enters the picture. We are not acting “alone” in Nature’s system. The system itself is operated by an overall force-field that drives Nature’s evolutionary plan towards full, benevolent integration of the whole system, towards sustained balance and harmony. We are constantly under the influence of this force-field whether we are conscious of it or not. Most of the time we feel negative pressure from it since with our original “cancer-like” program we go against its plan.

But the moment we start acting according to this plan, consciously, methodically building “Nature-like” connections between us, this underlying natural force becomes our partner and augments everything we do. This partnership with Nature's evolutionary force is enough to provide that magnetic force that can lift us above ourselves, helping the individualistic “cancer-cells” to form multi-cellular organs and those organs to form the viable, living, breathing organism.

This in those purposeful, methodical small, closed circles we can harness, recruit Nature’s evolutionary force and build a unique mutual “womb”, incubator where each can enter through the principle of “do no harm” as if wading into the water without causing any ripples. And as long as we remain aligned with Nature’s aim of mutual integration Nature’s force will aid our development in this mutual “womb”, incubator, helping us to maintain the mutual self-annulment above all the egotistic, selfish instincts, resistance until we slowly mature and start to understand how to actually serve, complement each other.

This is how we shift from instinctive distrust, hate to a neutral, “harmless state and from there to “true love” — selfless, altruistic, unconditional, mutual service on one another in practice. And that already ignites the unique mutual flow, circulations, and communication which gives us a second, qualitatively much higher consciousness and perception of reality. Above and in contrast to the original single-cell, egocentric, subjective vision suddenly we acquire the ability to look at things in a systemic, “multi-cellular”, or even “quantum” manner, freely roaming, sensing, attaining the system through the growing number of synapses we are building as the original small circles, organs grow, merge, interconnect with other similar organs, systems until the complete organism is enlivened.

This is the last, conscious phase of Human development that starts with our generation and everybody is invited to join in!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.