On the threshold of true Human freedom!

Question from the Internet:

“How much freedom is necessary and possible in a free society?”

We reached a state in human evolution when the whole concept of freedom will turn upside down.

Until now we have been praising, chasing, fighting for individual, national freedom, to separate, distinguish ourselves from others, to go on our own way, to fulfill, to realize ourselves as we dream, wish. We completely believe in personal free choice, free right to decide.

But we have evolved into a completely integrated, interdependent global world — within Nature’s totally integrated, single living system.

And now — through many examples, especially through the mounting global problems, issues — we started to understand that the complete individual freedom we coveted actually makes us behave like cancer in this fully integrated, interdependent system.

Finally, we started to see that we are not isolated, standalone beings, but we are individual cells of the same living organism. In such a system we can’t decide what we want, we can’t go on our separate ways, we are all obliged to start working for each other, for the whole system unconditionally, ceaselessly.

This is a shocking recognition for most, and many still refuse to accept, see reality accordingly.

Here it will help us if we understand that the inevitable mutual integration, unconditionally serving the whole collective above self-interest is not determined by any of our misguided human ideologies, philosophies, religions or “isms". It is determined by Nature’s strict, unchanging, relentless “iron laws" that sustain the fragile balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depends on.

Thus we have nobody to resist, appeal to, bribe, there are no shortcuts or special allowances. Nature’s laws are black and white and our only choice is it we learn and follow them or not.

If we don’t follow Nature’s laws of integration we will draw on us increasing pressure from Nature’s system in different forms of crisis situations, plagues, natural catastrophes until intolerable suffering will “convince us".

But it will not be Nature punishing us, we will punish ourselves by not accepting and following Nature’s laws. If we don’t recognize what our actual evolutionary conditions demand from us — and we are born with a unique, analytical human intellect only for this recognition, to help us make the right choice — then we have only ourselves to blame!

Thus true freedom, the basis of a truly free society — which is perfectly, mutually integrated, “nature-like" — is freedom from our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, overconsuming and ruthlessly competitive nature, choosing selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing integration instead.

And it is this free choice which will make us “truly Human": a being that consciously, willingly chose to rise above it’s inherent instincts to become similar to Nature.