On the brink of reaching our unique, evolutionary Human role, purpose in Nature

Question from the Internet:

“Have human beings ever lived in harmony with nature?”

The initial “hunter-gatherer” tribes did live in close association with Nature and even today we can find remote tribes, cultures that have preserved some respect and compatibility with Nature’s general balance and homeostasis, living within or close to the optimal parameters of natural necessities, available resources.

But most of humanity has been going through rapid, egocentric, subjective, and exploitative human development, blindly driven by our insatiable egoistic desire for more, to explore, to accumulate to profit, and conquer.

This 100% subjective, self-serving, individualistic development has reached its peak in our times and with it, we also reached the threshold of tolerance from Nature. Humanity has become a foreign body that is intolerable, thus Nature started rejecting us. The presently recurring, increasingly unsolvable pandemic, climate change is just the beginning in Nature teaching us a lesson about how it is impossible to survive with our instinctive mindset, worldview, behavior.

We are not evil, we are not criminals as so far we haven’t used any free choice, independent, intellectual thinking, decision making since we have been blindly living out the internal program Nature installed in us. It is only now, on the threshold of very realistic, collective, human self-destruction that a few people started to wake up and exercise their so far dormant capability of critically assessing themselves and accepting the need to change ourselves.

Our unique human free choice starts when we recognize, understand, and accept that our inner nature, our all-powerful, all-conquering ego — that drives us towards excessive overconsumption and ruthless competition, success at each other’s and Nature’s expense — literally kills us like cancer.

After this unpleasant but crucially important recognition, we have the chance of searching for and finding the way of changing, correcting, upgrading ourselves so — unparalleled in Nature — we could consciously, proactively adapt ourselves to Nature’s strict, unchanging laws that sustain the general balance and homeostasis life depends on.

Thus contrary to the original “hunter-gatherers” we will acquire harmony, compatibility with Nature above and against our raging, insatiable egos, developing a unique contrast, a duality that will make us Nature’s only conscious, integrated but at the same time independent, fully aware observers and partners.

Then we also understand the crucially important, purposeful, evolutionary role of the “destructive human ego” in reaching our unique, very high, evolutionary Human purpose in existence.