On a very narrow path

At Crossroads

With the Coronavirus pandemic, Humanity has arrived very unique crossroads in Human development.

Until now we have been developing blindly, instinctively, following our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic, subjective operating program, that drove us towards ruthless, exclusive competition, success, and survival at the expense of each other.

As a result, Human history is an inevitably recurring chain of vicious cycles. Each new era, civilization is built on the ruins of the previous until the Human ego inevitably distorts, corrupts whatever ideology, the system we used, we reach a dead-end, and through an explosion, collapse we transition to the next cycle.

Our own civilization we have been building since the 2nd World World was already in its “end-game” before the virus. Covid-19, on one hand, accelerated the collapse which we will now experience through the socio-economic crisis brewing right now, on the other hand, it made it sharper to see that the root cause of all the problems is our own nature, our own ego, while also giving us some special “time off” to apply some much needed critical self-assessment.

So let us say now we finally understand, even accept that we would need to change, that we can’t just blindly waltz back into life as it used to be before. Let us say we even accept that we ourselves need to say, and we can’t achieve anything by tinkering with ideologies, political, economic or social arrangements, systems anymore.

But can we actually implement such changes, can we actually change our own nature and upgrade our ‘software’ from selfish, mutually exploitative to selfless, altruistic, mutually serving, complementing?

After all the notion of unity, global integration, building alliances, unions is not new, we have tried them even before, but we failed. So what is different this time?!

Like Addicts

In truth, we have no hope of changing our own nature by ourselves. Living by the dictum of the ego is like “being addicts”. We do not know any other way of existing but to chase pleasures for ourselves or run away from pain, suffering. Mostly we run forward for ever-increasing pleasures as dictated by our engine, the insatiable desire to receive fulfillment for ourselves at any cost.

On the other hand actual or feared pain is a stronger motivator, thus nature pushes us forward according to its deterministic evolutionary plan mostly through crisis situations, suffering as the above mentioned historic cycles portray.

So far each time we developed from one egotistic system to another one, until finally with the last, modern civilization that is ending now we have exhausted all possible variations of ideologies, systems we could design and use through our original egotistic software.

So far we changed one addiction to another, neutralizing one egoistic desire with a greater egoistic desire — moving through the desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power, and knowledge in different combinations — so our engine always had the fuel to move on.

But now we would need to change to a completely new way of development, changing the instinctive egocentric, subjective calculations to altruistic, objective ones in order to survive as a single collective — as demanded by Nature’s evolution. So what can provide the incentive, what can convince the “addicts” to give up their addiction to their egos, addictions to their individuality, self-justification to accept unity, and an altruistic collective path?!

Good cop — bad cop

The most obvious incentive — especially at times of great crisis — is collective survival. As we can see at times of hardship, natural disasters, people tend to unite and help each other, even above previous differences, disputes, suspending those.

On the other hand unity as a result of pain, suffering is not sustainable. The moment the pressure is off we revert to the previous separations, disputes, competitions, wars. Moreover, sometimes even the fear of death can’t stop an addict as we know from the experience with alcoholics or drug users.

Thus in order to achieve a sustainable unity, global cooperation that can keep Humanity as a single entity together we need both a negative and positive incentive.

As we have already seen the “negative incentive”, threatening pressure is provided by Nature in the form of the virus right now, in the form of not allowing us to sustain our excessive, unnatural, overproduction/overproduction socio-economic system. Just as in a “good cop — bad cop” movie Nature will keep up the pressure, fear in us as long as we do not comply with its laws and the direction of its evolutionary plan — which is towards ever-increasing integration.

So what we need is the “good cop”, the positive incentive that can attract us forward always a step ahead of the blows coming from Nature.

For the “good cop” to be present first Humanity also needs to “split into two”. We need a small, but crucial minority, a group of pioneers, who can enter Nature’s system and study it in a way we never studied before — “from the inside” by becoming similar to Nature’s system.

Similarity of Form

Research, understanding, attainment requires at least a certain level of similarity between the researcher and researched, attainer, and attained. In order to fully understand Nature’s system, to go behind the scenes and tangibly sense, understand all the cause and effect processes, to map evolution's plan from its start to its most optimal final goal and understand our Human role in it those who embark on this empirical study need to become “like Nature”.

These unique scientists need to build a special, selfless, altruistic network between them, that makes them exactly the same as Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system where all elements — except Humans — altruistically interconnect and unconditionally serve one another and the whole system. Without such a “mutual guarantee” and the ensuing balance, homeostasis sustained by it, life, a positive development is impossible.

Thus when a small group of mutually committed people achieves total self-annulment towards one another with the aim of becoming similar to Nature in order to understand its system, to become conscious, benevolent, mutually complementing, contributing parts of the system, they reach an unprecedented, collective, objective research, observer position within the system.

Then these people — from their intimate, insider view of Nature’s system — can guide the rest of Humanity towards compatibility with the system, which compatibility can help us solve all our mounting problems which arise from our previous incompatibility.

The unique pioneers — the “good cops” — can clearly explain to others why people are suffering, why Humanity can’t cope with all kinds of problems and they can provide a very clear template, blueprint for coming out of the egotistic crisis towards a more stable, safer, sustainable existence. The unique pioneers can do this as they are connected both to Nature and also to their fellow Human beings through their acquired, unique dual sensitivity, perception.

Working out of Fear

At first, the majority of the people follow those pioneers, empirical scientists out of fear, on one hand sensing the imminent blows from Nature chasing them from behind, while on the other hand seeing, that if they listen to those scientists — in contrast to listening to their usual leaders, “experts” who are increasingly helpless, desperate and make everything much worse with the ‘solutions” — their lives become better, they survive and can start a different, more assured developmental path through the mutually responsible and mutually complementing connection they build with the help of those pioneers who become guides, instructors.

These pioneers also work “out of fear”, although their fear is very different. By existing “within the system”, seeing Nature’s absolute perfection while also sensing the despair, suffering in the world, their suffering, fear is “suffering, fear of love”. They fear that if their work is not optimal if they do not help others enough the unnecessary suffering will increase and they consider it their responsibility, burden to alleviate, prevent suffering for all while optimizing the balance and homeostasis within the whole system.

On a Very Narrow Path

Thus the new Human developmental path runs on a very narrow path in between negative and positive incentives, in between fear and hope, suffering, and perfection.

For the majority of people it is fear for their lives, for their well-being in contrast to a safe, successful, healthy life through unity, mutual connections as long as they live according to the laws of nature those scientists provide, explain.

For the unique pioneers, empirical scientists fear is in between “fear of love”, trying to serve, help Humanity to avoid suffering, and directly, tangibly sensing Nature utter perfection, on the other hand, they try to lead everybody towards to.

Ideally, more and more people join those scientists, elevating themselves from instinctive fear to the level of the “fear of love”, since Nature’s plan invites every Human being to aspire towards attaining, fulfilling our unique individual and collective Human purpose in Nature’s perfect system, justifying, fully enjoying our Human existence.

This is called the true, “spiritual” Human development which has nothing to do with mysticism, religion, but is a realistic, tangible, scientific process unlocking our true, Human potential.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.