Nobody can win a war in a global, integral world!

Question from the Internet:

“What extent is it justifiable to assert that contemporary strategy is as much about peace as war?”

We evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent world. Our individual and national interconections are so complex, intertwined that Humanity has basically became a single entity, “super-organism".

Thus — while the warmongers are still loud, rattling their swords — any war leads to all parties hurting themselves, damaging themselves as much as they damage others.

In an integral world nobody can win a war, everybody loses, especially if this war uses weapons of self-destruction, or ways of shutting down basic infrastructure.

With our misguided, unnatural, excessively overconsuming and ruthlessly competitive, exploitative paradigm we reached a state, that even without wars our collective survival is in danger.

And in a global, integral world only collective survival is possible.

Thus our problem solving ability, survival is possible only through a unique peace, through “true peace" that is learned and implemented above remaining, growing diversity, differences, despite constant mutual distrust, animosity!