Neither Capitalism nor Communism is the answer. We need to combine both with the help of Nature’s integral template

Opinion from the Internet about Capitalism:

“This idea of a fixed human nature is false. Humans are not inherently anything beyond the biological imperatives like the need to eat and reproduce. The values of the people who conquered most of the world through European colonialism and imperialism are forced upon us all. To succeed under capitalism you must conform to these values.

I recommend reading Einstein’s essay titled, “Why Socialism?””

You are right that we are all diverse, different. Our differences come from the unique combination of the “animate” and “social” desires (food, sex, family, wealth, power, fame, and knowledge) we all pursue in different ways.

But in our inherent intention — that we all make calculations based on a self-centered “pleasure/pain calculation, and primarily we all want to fulfill ourselves at all cost — we are all the same. Even those who are prone to serve others, donate and engage in altruistic activities do so as this gives them pleasures.

This self-centered, self-serving intention is neither evil nor is it a sin. We are simply born that way, this is the “program” evolution installed into Human beings.

As a result, deep down we all sympathize with Capitalism which is the socioeconomic system that fits our original program. If we look at history, Capitalism evolved by itself without any coercion, we do not need to force people to live in a Capitalistic country. On the other hand, since the hunger for selfish fulfillment, the tendency to sacrifice ourselves and especially others for self-fulfillment is extremely different in people, sooner or later the most selfish, egotistic people start exploiting others to the point where the exploitation, inequality becomes intolerable.

This is when people start looking for other systems, ideologies.

Communism gives itself since the Natural system we live in is Communistic. In any closed, living, integrated system life is possible only when all elements — like the cells of our bodies — altruistically serve the collective without any “personal possession, individual calculations.

But again, since our inherent nature tends towards Capitalism, Communism works only for a short period of time. Then the most selfish, egotistic people start exploiting the masses while the masses start yearning for the “apparent freedom”, personal possessions that Capitalism seemingly provides.

Usually, the people who want to try socialism, Communism never actually lived in a Communistic country before, so they do not know how it feels “in the flesh”.

Our greatest problem is that as integral parts of Nature, Humanity has to adapt to Nature’s Communistic, integral laws, otherwise we won’t be able to survive. But we have to do this in a unique way, without suppressing, erasing the “born, raw Capitalist” inside of us.

And that is possible only through a very unique educational method, which teaches us how the raw Capitalist Human can function and prosper in a “Nature-like Communism”, choosing it all willingly, fully understanding that this is everybody’s best interest.

The freedom we are seeking at the moment is false, as we think freedom is that I can do whatever I want. True freedom is liberating ourselves from the all-encompassing governance of our selfish egos that cripple us regardless of what socioeconomic system we use. Only when we are liberated from the ego — again willingly, purposefully, methodically without coercion — then will we be able to build such a Nature-like Human society where everybody feels absolutely free and completely fulfilled.

And this is all possible, here and now with the help of the above-mentioned educational method!



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.