Nature’s laws are absolute

An opinion from the Internet:

“When you are describing human nature, behavior I would recommend you to use the word “some” as in “SOME of their instinctive behavior — is through a unique integral education that can explain, and make us feel how much more beneficial SOME aspects of a mutual, collective existence is compared to SOME of our original, self-destructive, cancer-like behavior.”

It is a great help in keeping our minds sane, and as well helping us to sleep at night, as our subconscious takes things quite literally, — and as well when we articulate entire demographics, even the whole human race as monolithic, it has the same effect as articulating all black people as monolithic, or all white people as monolithic, or all professionals, or all tradespersons, or all religious people — for those who realise this, the issues are not really those of all mutual, collective existence is whatever, or all original behaviour as whatever.

But rather, it is how we articulate our thoughts, in monolithic undertones, that creates most of need to improve our thinking and articulation skills, so that we can live in a world, that for the present needs to encourage kindness, and good stewardship of the environment. Again though, remembering to include the word “some”, and avoiding monolithic slurs, is a great help to a kind and more coherent world view.”

While I fully agree with your advice in general and I thank you for it, we must not forget that there are absolute laws that either work or not.

We have “black and white” certainties in nature without which the system would not work. Based on such absolute natural laws, by directly researching them and comparing human nature, human behavior to those laws, unique empirical natural scientists — based on thousands of years of research — describe human nature as I described before.

On the other hand, they also understood — and I think today more and more people can see that this is true — that if we want to survive in nature that is a strictly lawful system, then we will need to know those laws and will have to follow them. And those laws describe that survival is possible only through selfless, altruistic, mutual cooperation, integration exactly how the cells and organs of our bodies work, cooperate.

In such things there are no allowances, no appeals, we are not talking about artificial, arbitrary human laws, principles, values we create as we go and see how we can serve, justify ourselves. Nature’s laws are black and white, otherwise, the balance and homeostasis life depends on would not be sustainable.

On the other hand even “politically correctly” helps us, as looking at humanity, human nature in such a lawful way makes us all absolutely equal — regardless of the varied and diverse external representation. And as a result, the solution is also simplified and achievable as we all have to go through the same self-changing process instead of discriminating some against others, favoring some against others.

But again, since we are talking about absolute natural laws, it does not matter how we feel about them, whether we like them or not, how we try to interpret them to suit our inherently subjective, self-centered viewpoint. The formula is very simple, whether we learn and keep these laws or not. And everything is going to unfold from that.

Just think about it, we know the law of gravity, so we also know that whether we like it or not, we can’t jump off the top of a skyscraper and survive unless we use a parachute or other protection. We can’t circumvent natural laws but if we know them we can learn to use them.

We can see how humanity looks today as a result of not knowing, ignoring, rejecting these laws. So this is where we have free choice, who do we believe, our misguided, subjective intellect, or we follow nature’s laws, even if we have to do so against our misguided intellect?



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.