Nature’s guarantee to humanity

Question from the Internet:

“How exactly does Nature guarantee us a positive future? And what is the basis for your belief that a global utopia may emerge by 2050? Prognostications of this kind call, IMHO, for at least a smidgen of argument. Or am l missing something?”

I have been studying a unique, empirical natural science established by special scientists a few thousand years ago. They have been studying human nature in contrast, in comparison with Nature’s system, systematically revealing and describing all the fundamental laws that create life, and sustain the fragile, general balance life and optimal development depends on.

They also understood — and those is not so complicated to accept — that since we are products of Nature and still exist within Nature — although we mistakenly made ourselves believe as if we could act independent of Nature — so Nature’s general developmental drive towards most optimal integration, balance also applies to us.

What they also described is that evolution has a unique purpose for us, this is why we embarked on a completely different developmental path compared to other developed primates who remained unchanged for millions of years while humanity went through an extraordinary, “breakneck" development in the meantime.

This unique human development - so far blind and instinctive - is driven by the destructive, cancer-like human ego bringing us to the threshold of self-destruction, but we can consciously learn how to balance, harness this ego in order to integrated into Nature against it, above it. By that we reach the role evolution predetermined for us: to become the systems only conscious, integrated but independent observers, partners.

This conscious, internal, human observer will make Nature truly perfect.

This end stage is guaranteed, it is not a utopia, it is something natural, lawful, predetermined by the system. The question is how quickly and proactively we understand our role and fulfill it by our own efforts and how much suffering, crisis, failure we need to go through in order to start taking it seriously.

If at least a sensitive, willing critical minority starts the necessary study, implementing the necessary changes right now, by 2050 we can see extraordinary positive changes indeed.