Nature’s evolution drives us towards integration — it is better if we become partners in the process

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think in the future we will form one big country?”

We do not have a choice in the matter. We usually think about this as if we ourselves directed our fate and we plot our own development through our philosophies, ideologies. We think Human history is a chain of extraordinary, individual Human achievements, great leaders, pioneers, villains, empires, and civilizations deciding our fate.

But this is not true.

And as Nature’s relentless, deterministic evolutionary plan drives the whole system towards a final, most optimal integration, Humanity as a single species in Nature has no other option but to become integrated as a single, Human “super-organism”.

Otherwise, we won’t reach compatibility with nature which means we have no right to exist in the system which will try to reject us with increasing pressure — which process has already started.

Our evolutionary Human advantage above other animals — we hardly differ from with our DNA, instinctive existence — is that we can, have to reach this integration consciously, by our own efforts. This is why Humans are not born instinctively integrated into the Natural system, this is why we by default are opposite. This way we can actively, consciously recognize this opposition, incompatibility, and start correcting it — aligning ourselves with nature’s evolution with its help.

So there is no question about the outcome, Humanity will become a single unit, “one country” in full, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing integration. The question is how quickly and smoothly we will achieve this, will it happen as a result of increasing blows, crisis situations, and intolerable suffering forcing us, or we will consciously, proactively start and achieve the compatibility — always a step ahead of the blows?