Nature is the perfect template for Human society

Opinion from the Internet about Nature’s perfection and Humanity’s survival:

“How are you so blind to the fact that your perfectly rational set of reasonable rights is nothing but an odd and obstructive raindance to the destructive and endless hunger that is embodied within Nature? That’s not a benevolent mother trying to gently lead us back into her soft and loving rain dance… That’s actually a roiling storm of chaos we need to make sense of and learn to work with if we’re going to survive in any meaningful way. We don’t need to be closer or further from it, we just need to do the smartest thing at the time and for that it’s probably best to extensively observe it. Defy nature’s patterns all you like, just don’t fuck with your surrounds too much lest your deeds or needs unchecked result in the collapse of the same systems you’re kinda relying upon for survival.”

I am sorry that you didn’t like what I wrote before. You obviously don’t believe that Nature is a perfectly balanced system, which operates according to very strict, purposeful and deterministic laws, principles that maintain balance.

On the other hand if Nature was a system as your described, you wouldn’t be here right now, as your body — a perfect example of a closed, integral Natural system based on the same laws — wouldn’t survive for a second.

And Humanity — another example of a closed, integral Natural system — also can’t survive without adapting to Nature’s laws.

You might look at life through Human society and project what we think of Nature and the “animal kingdom" according to our totally misguided, egotistic, subjective viewpoint. The reason we see Nature as we do is the way we ourselves look at it, we are actually looking into a mirror showing who we are.

As a result by changing ourselves we can change what we see, experience.

The system I described, how we should adjust our Human system to Nature’s template is suggested by those empirical, Natural scientist, who have been researching, testing, understanding Nature — and human nature in contrast to it — for millennia, passing on their knowledge from generation to generation.

You don’t have to believe anything I wrote, you can remain in your present viewpoint and live life accordingly. I am just presenting an alternative to those who want to change what they see, who they feel they are.

If it is gibberish to you, then it is gibberish, I cannot change how you see things, only you can change that if you want.