Nature is not cruel, but merciful — but we need to become “Nature-like” to attain this

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity and Nature:

You have an interesting take on Nature. Living in harmony with nature has its advantages, but nature is ruthless. Wolves eat seer, deer eat plants, Big fish eat little fish, Really big fish eat big fish, and really big whales, well they eat microscopic plankton - a lot of it.
A gamma burst will end us all. Stars explode, black hole gobble up everything near them.
Nature is voracious and ruthless. At a reasonable scales, say planetary in a goldilocks zone , it can balance out for a long time and life flourishes. We aren’t ignoring natural laws, we are living them. We are just screwing with the balance. - bad idea. It’s happened before. One species overgrows an area and ends up dying off. The difference is, we are aware of it and can fix it. that’s the only difference.

The way you describe Nature is typical to how most of us would see the system.

And with the distorted upbringing, education, brainwashing like the Disney movies with humanized talking animals, with animated movies like “Madagascar" where the lion has to get used to eating sushi as it is “not nice to eat your fellow animals", what could we expect?!

But in truth Nature is not cruel at all, it is beautifully balanced.

The lion and other predators eating prey do it “out of mercy", to help maintain the fragile balance, saving the prey from overpopulating and destroying themselves. Moreover predators usually catch and eat the “weaklings" from the prey, helping natural selection, so the stronger, healthier specimens remain alive and reproduce. And they only eat what they need while leaving the rest to secondary predators, scavengers.

Nature established and operates this “food chain", circle of life perfectly, with that it creates, nurtures, develops life. If we looked into our own body and sensed life on cellular level, we would experience incredible “chaos”, seemingly random destruction and rebuilding, constant change and war we wouldn’t be able to tolerate. Still, on our level of consciousness we usually sense health, balance and a higher consciousness on top of that crazy chaos, war and wanton destruction inside.

Of course we know better and we interfere with Nature according to our own, totally subjective, self-serving, misguided “knowledge". So we cull certain predators like sharks, wolves for example when they “hurt us" or our property, and by that we completely destroy the fragile homeostasis causing destruction.

We consume excessively, way beyond necessities — which animals never do — we kill animals (and each other) for fun, aiming for the strongest, greatest specimens when we hunt. We constantly expand our habitat — that animals never do — and spread and destroy everything (including ourselves) like cancer.

We are totally incompatible with integrated, selfless Nature due to our inherently selfish, egotistic program and due to this incompatibility we don’t understand Nature at all. Our “knowledge" is superficial and distorted. This is why we can’t solve any of our problems right now and all our “solutions" make everything only worse while we are sleepwalking towards a global self-destruction.

But we are not evil or sinful. Nature “created" us incomplete, raw, to give us unprecedented, unparalleled free choice in our own development.

We can and have to complete Human evolution by making ourselves compatible with Nature through our own efforts, purposefully, methodically integrating with each other above and against the instinctive resistance, differences, despite our instinctively egotistic, exploitative inclinations and thus reach compatibility.

Then we become “truly Human", consciously similar to, compatible with Nature, becoming active, benevolent partners with the system.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.