Nature and evolution makes Humans totally interdependent

Question from the Internet:

“What makes people interdependent?”

Nature and evolution.

I know that we got used to the illusion that we are outside, above Nature and we can do whatever we want, we are in control over our fate, but in truth, we are just as much an integral part of Nature as any other animals and other elements, parts that comprise the system.

And Nature is a fully integrated and interdependent system. If we need a very sharp example “close to home”, we can look at how our cells, organs in our own biological bodies interconnect as cogwheels and create a single organism that is capable of life.

Humanity is not different from a single body, a single, multi-cellular “super-organism”. The fact that we are not aware of this by default — that our consciousness, perception of reality shows us our illusory individual freedom, independence as if we could live by ourselves and make personal decisions for ourselves — is purposeful from Nature’s evolution.

Human beings are supposed to become Nature’s only conscious, insider but still independent observers, that can view the system both from the outside and also from within.

This is why Human beings had to be born seemingly outside of the system and then gradually, consciously, methodically integrate into the system, so we could attain Nature’s perfection, all of its operations, and evolutions deterministic, purposeful plan within the contrast.

In our generation the system is putting us under increasing pressure, showing us more and more our independence — like now with the pandemic — so we could finally start our next, conscious phase of Human development, actively, consciously preparing our “reintegration” into the system to fulfill our evolutionary role, purpose.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.