Natural examples do not work on Humanity

Opinion from the Internet about the ruthless competition that happens in Human society:

“Isn’t competition or even predation a natural form of co-dependency? Can the tiger live without the gazelle? All creatures have their strength because of competition. How is that a “bad thing”?”

1. We have to careful with Natural examples projected to Humanity. Regardless of what we observe in Nature’s system, it is all happening within the boundaries of the Natural laws keeping the general balance and homeostasis, within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources. Humanity by default breaks, ignores those laws, destroying everything in its path as cancer or viruses.

2. The tiger and the gazelle are not within the same species. The tiger is a predator while the gazelle is prey, so when the tiger eats the gazelle it simply performs its role as is the gazelle. Moreover, as Nature’s system is set up perfectly, usually, the tiger captures and consumes the weakest specimens from the gazelles and thus helps their general health, sorting out the strongest, best specimens from the weak, unsuitable ones. (In comparison Human hunters seek out and kill the strongest specimens while hunting, especially today when hunting for fun). Humans ruthlessly, exclusively compete within the species without any balance, even enjoying succeeding at each other’s expense which notion does not exist in Nature.

3. Competition is indeed necessary for development, nothing is surplus in Nature. But Humans got the task to figure out how to change the destructive, cancer-like competition to a positive, constructive one consciously, while animals have it by default, instinctively.

4. This is all part of the Human learning process towards fulfilling our unique, evolutionary Human role becoming the “crown of evolution”, consciously, proactively, methodically integrating into the system keeping its laws above and against our original, inherent program. Only Human beings are expected and capable of this.

5. Thus there is nothing evil, sinful in how we are, we are born in such a “raw, unfinished” form, so we could recognize that with our original qualities, the program we are destructive elements in Nature, so we could then start the conscious, proactive self-upgrade process leading to our unique, perfect role in the system. We are at the start of this conscious process!