My greatest fear after the pandemic

We are afraid

People are contemplating what to be afraid of more, the second wave of the virus or keeping the economy shut down?

I am mostly afraid that we fail to learn the lessons of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Both the infection and the lockdown are just signs, symptoms.

The severity of the infection and the financial, economic, social crisis that’s unfolding has nothing to do with the virus, it is down to our own behavior, attitude.

A terminally ill Human system

The global Human system was already in deep crisis before the virus came. The economic, financial system was on life support with constant stimulus, bailout packages, “helicopter money” incentives, the media, marketing, entertainment industry was going overdrive to urge people to keep producing, consuming what we don’t need and can’t afford.

Individuals and nations were already drowning in unserviceable debt. Powerful nations started to move towards war preparations, inciting “Cold War-style” rhetoric, engaging in proxy-wars, trade wars.

We need to follow Nature’s lead

It doesn’t really matter if there will be a second wave of the virus or not. If we don’t change the values, foundations of our Human system, we don’t have the right to exist in Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system, which is built on balance, homeostasis, life lived according to natural necessities, available resources.

Not because philosophers, politicians, religious leaders say so, but because Nature’s “in laws” - we are also obliged to follow - state so.



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