Mutual guarantee is the next state of Human evolution

Question from the Internet:

“If everyone on earth shared everything they had, would everyone actually "have it all"?”

Yes, you beautifully expressed the ideal state which we need to reach in the future.

This state is called “mutual guarantee”, which is based on how Nature’s integration works, how Nature’s elements interconnect and safeguard the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development is based on.

This doesn’t mean “Human-imagined Communism”, where everybody becomes the same like homogenous zombies.

It means each retaining, augmenting, cherishing our individual differences, uniqueness, using our special individual abilities to contribute to the well-being, survival and progress of the whole collective in the most optimal manner. And for that each receives exactly what they need, proportionally - according to their contribution, personal conditions and needs - to comfortably fulfill their necessities so they can continue their mutually complementing contribution.

Most importantly we won’t reach this as a result of political ideologies, religions, philosophies, but we will reach it - through the right, purposeful and practical education - understanding that this is how Nature’s system works, and Humanity - as Nature’s integral part as one of the species - has to follow the same laws as any other part of the system in order to survive.

But since Humans have to build the “Nature-like” mutual guarantee consciously, proactively, above and against our inherently egocentric, individualistic, exploitative nature, we will achieve the mutual integration and thus integration into Nature with full awareness - contrary to other animals that are integrated blindly instinctively.

This will make us the “crowns of evolution”, the only species that can consciously observe, witness and justify Nature’s utter perfection.