Musing about Human purpose, free choice…

An opinion from the Internet about Human purpose, the meaning of life:

Isn't it true that perception has a director that bonded Nature to language. Taking things for granted or watching all you do is basically voluntary. It is like the onomatopoeia of the universe. An example would be, if there was a galactic city of evolved planets living in contact, this is a level of intelligence. Drop down and get born in this earth lock causes a learning situation instinctively and by language and common personage. Feel to get back to the original location looks to be the purpose.

Yes, I really like the graphic picture you painted!

Indeed we are perfect beings who have been purposefully rejected from perfection in order to consciously, purposefully find our way back to perfection so we would feel we belong, we deserve, we merit that perfection as if we ourselves created it.

We are like the proverbial prince who the King exiled, only to gradually learn through rising from simple peasant back to Kingship again how to become perfect, just, and benevolent King, except we have to achieve this together, on a cosmic scale!