Mother Nature can fix anything, even us, but we have to want it and we have to contribute to the changes

Question from the Internet:

“In your opinion, can ‘Mother Nature’ fix anything… given enough time?”

“Mother Nature" can fix itself without any problems.

We received enough examples during the first, almost global quarantine period, how nature started to balance, replenish itself the moment humanity retreated. We can also see how in disaster struck places like Chernobyl, Fukushima natural life returns while humans don’t dare to approach.

The only thing nature cannot fix by itself is human beings, as we received complete free choice, free ability to operate in this regard.

Humanity has to consciously recognize that the reason for our seemingly inevitable march towards self-destruction is our own selfish, egoistic, exploitative and hateful nature.

Nature can actually help us change, upgrade ourselves towards “nature-like" mutual integration, cooperation, by providing the template of integration and assisting natural forces, but only when we willingly, consciously start the process ourselves.