Most important resource: Human connection

Question from the Internet:

“The most valuable resource was considered to be oil, after this pandemic, what do you feel the most valuable resource is?”

Oil had been the most valuable resource for a Human system that looks at life as a process, opportunity to accumulate material possessions, to produce and consume goods, services. For such Human system energy, energy sources are everything, as without them our life’s goal, the purpose is unachievable.

As we stumble from crisis to crisis, as our artificial, excessive overproduction, overconsumption economy and its supporting social, governing structures prove to be unsustainable, as we are seemingly sleepwalking towards our own civilization-ending explosion (following history’s recurring vicious cycles) we started to sense that there is a much more important resource: Human connection.

Even if we still think about solving our present problems in a selfish, subjective way, we can see that without building mutually responsible, mutually complementing Human connections, cooperation - above our inherent differences, despite the instinctive mutual distrust, animosity - we will never be able to solve the mounting global problems and survive in the fully integrated, interdependent world we evolved into.

But Human life is much more than simply being producing, consuming robots.

If we can learn how to build the above mentioned mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections, integration against and above our egoistic resistance, by that we can integrate into Nature through similarity (by the integration) while maintaining an independent observer viewpoint (by it original, inherent opposition).

Thus positive, sustainable Human connections are our most important resources both for “simple survival”, development, and also for fulfilling our unique, evolutionary Human purpose in life.