Modern science can’t research true reality — we need to upgrade the observer

Question from the Internet:

“Is the growing anti-science worldview a threat to the future of humanity?”

It is a deeper problem. Science as we know it lost its grip on reality.

What we call “modern science" basically has become philosophical, “theoretical" as they call it.
This is not surprising.

We have reached a level of sophistication, understanding and technological know how to realize that it doesn’t matter what we look at, how we look at it, what technology we use to acquire data, since we analyze, perceive, assess everything through our inherently egocentric, subjective, linear mind, we have no chance of actually attaining true reality that doesn’t conform to our Newtonian coordinates.

It is for this reason we are desperately helpless facing the growing global problems that require a non-linear, integral approach we are not capable of. It is cute this reason that everything we built so far now slips through our fingers, collapsing.
We reached a threshold we can’t break through, unless we adjust, change, upgrade the observer — ourselves.

And it is possible only it we match Nature’s “circular", integral system by becoming similar to it through building a unique “collective human intelligence", when we build a single, mutually responsible, mutually complementing human network that gives us a higher, collective consciousness we can use to research and understand reality with objectively, truthfully.