Love is life and Human purpose is to learn to love

Question from the Internet:

“What is the origin and usefulness of love for mankind?”

Love is the basis of life, and its origin is deep in Nature’s system, sustaining the whole system and its usefulness of love for mankind is that by learning what love is, by practicing it we can connect to the source that gave us life.

Of course, here we are not talking about “love” we consider “love” in our regular lives.

What we consider “love” is a pleasant sensation, when we ourselves receive pleasure, fulfillment by connecting to someone or something through an emotion we identify as “love”: a hormonal, instinctive or learned attraction to something that provides us with happiness, ecstasy, contentment, satisfaction.

If we do not receive such happiness, ecstasy, contentment satisfaction from this “love”, then we cannot love any longer as we have lost our inherently self-serving, self-justifying fuel, drive for it.

“True/Natural Love” is a state where the “lover” disappears, where selfish, subjective calculations do not play part any longer when the “lover” dissolves into the needs, desires of the “beloved”, the “lover” existing only for the selfless, unconditional fulfillment of those needs and desires of the “beloved”.

This “Love” does not exist in us by default, we do not even know, can’t comprehend what it is as we cannot imagine a state where the “I” does not exist, receive anything any longer.

But without this “True/Natural Love” we do not actually live. Our present, default existence is a very limited, introverted affair, all living in their own subjective, self-centered boxes, “Plato’s Caves”, imagining a life for ourselves like single cells, thinking they can exist without the body.

True life is the constant, dynamic circulation, communication between diverse, seemingly incompatible parts of closed, integrated living systems, where a unique circulation of energy, communication is initiated between the parts, elements that interconnect through this “True/Natural Love”, each selflessly, unconditionally serving the whole, the sum of all the parts.

In Nature, this unfolds, operates instinctively, all parts, elements born with instinctive “Love” towards the system. This is also how the cells, organs of our own biological bodies operate, without this “Love” — and ensuing circulation, communication — we would not survive even for a second.

In Humanity and between Humanity and Nature this “Love” has to unfold consciously, and this conscious “Love” from us towards others and Nature will define us as Human beings. This is why we are born “without Love”, so we could consciously, proactively develop, acquire such a selfless, unconditionally serving relationship towards anything, anybody outside of ourselves while our inherently egocentric, subjective self seemingly disappears.

It does not really disappear but provides the necessary contrast against which we can realistically, tangibly feel, validate the “Love” we haven’t felt before. By generating this unique, “supernatural” — above and against instinctive nature — “Love” between us, and then sensing a unique “fear” — fearing that if we stop “Loving” we arrest life, circulation in the system, between us — we become similar to Nature’s perfect system and connect to its “circle of life”.

This is something we can learn, implement in a unique, initially closed, small, purposeful, and practical environment using a method that was designed for this specific purpose.

In truth this “supernatural Love” does not originate in us, what we can do is to provide the network, the infrastructure with the methodically but, selfless, unconditionally serving mutual connections between us. Then Nature will use our ready infrastructure and the mutually generated desire “to Love” and infuse us with its “Loving”, life-giving circulation, energy.

Then we will finally feel what true “Life” is and why we are Human beings: similar to Nature above and against our instinctive nature, program.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.