Living beyond our means — as driven by the ego

Question from the Internet:

“Is living beyond your means a concept existing mainly in the Western Hemisphere?”

Living beyond our means is the expression of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying Human nature. Our “matter” is the insatiable desire for selfish pleasures, self-fullfilment at all cost.

The different cultures, social, governing and economic system we observe in Humanity through history, or even within the same generation, are different expressions of the development of our inherent nature.

The Western civilization, especially America - so far everybody openly or in a concealed manner tried to copy, emulate - represents the peak of Humanity’s egotistic development.

The spectacular collapse of America, Europe and the rest of the West symbolizes the end of Humanity’s egotistic development.

While it is still difficult to accept, we don’t exist in Nature’s system as some independent species, creatures that can act as they want, changing, exploiting, replacing erasing anything we want according to our artificial, self-serving desires, ideologies.

Humanity is an integral part of Nature’s fully integrated system.

Nature’s unchanging, “iron laws” governing the fragile balance and homeostasis that sustain life are obligatory for us as well.

And now Nature expects us to “grow up” and shift from the previous, blindly instinctive development - where we behaved like reckless, petulant children only caring about ourselves, grabbing whatever we wanted without considering the consequences - to a mature, conscious, truly Human development.

Since this shift is determined by Nature’s laws we don’t have a free choice about it, but we can choose, direct the manner of this shift.

We can wait until worsening crisis situations, global disasters, world wars and subsequent intolerable suffering forces us to change.

Or we can start proactively, consciously changing ourselves, searching for adaptation, compatibility with Nature’s laws and its evolutionary plan through a unique, appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method - that is built in the Natural laws we want to tune ourselves to.