Like the butterfly from a caterpillar — the new phase of Human evolution after Covid-19

In a way, we have already gone through previously unexperienced changes as a result of the pandemic, from many respects, it feels as if the world was ending.

It is the world we knew that has ended. And this is not a “sad ending” as many would want us to believe, it is the opposite.

We are like the butterfly being born from the caterpillar, more precisely we have now received the chance to become “truly Human” from a transitional, “humanoid degree” in-between the animal and Human degree in Nature.

Our world, development so far was completely blind, instinctive, simply following the dictum of our inherently selfish, hateful, and greedy egos through instincts, hormonal reactions according to an egocentric “pleasure/pain” software.

This egotistic, blind Human paradigm has run into a dead-end. Even before the pandemic, we were already sleepwalking towards a seemingly inevitable civilization-ending global meltdown. But compared to the previous such states today we do not have any more tricks up in our sleeves, we do not have another untried philosophy, ideology, system we could use with our inherent software.

With the combination of liberal, parliamentary democracy, and free-market capitalism — we have just ruined — we have run out of options. We already know Communism, Nazism does not work, dictatorship, one-party systems do not work, while liberalism in its present form remains a utopia that turns into oppressive dogma when its ideas cannot be implemented in practice.

Now we know that “changing the world” cannot be achieved by changing the world. Instead, it is the observer, the user, the builder that needs changing: which means us.

So now we are ready to start an unprecedented, this time conscious phase of Human development, constantly working against, above our inherent instincts, reactions in order to learn how to balance inherent egoism with Nature’s fully selfless, altruistic qualities, template.

As a result, we will acquire a very unique “intermediate”, neutral observer, the truly Human being that can balance in between inherent egoism and acquired similarity with Nature.

This unique, objective, independent, conscious observer status is unparalleled in Nature, this is how we truly rise above all other elements in the Natural system — that are instinctively integrated, adapted to the system by default.

This Human observer — in the acquired contrast, comparative ability — can research, attain Nature’s perfect system, all of its cause and effect processes fulfilling our Human purpose as Nature’s equal witnesses, partners, justifying our own existence in the system.

Today we are collectively starting — through a special, purposeful, and practical educational method — this very exciting, totally unprecedented phase in evolution, in Human history!