Learning to use our infinite Human potential

Question from the Internet:

“To what extent is there potential for human creativity to be a more regenerative than perversely destructive force in the cosmic-ecological world?”

Our Human potential is infinite. But we have to learn through what intentions, for what goals we use our abilities, creativity.

By default we all act solely with inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective calculations, intentions, as according to our original program we can’t make calculations for anything, anybody else but for ourselves. If we don’t have any selfish, subjective interest, expected reward for what we do, we are simply unable to act, we freeze.

As a result by default we act as cancer, so whatever we do, invent, develop will sooner or later become harmful, destructive to others, in relation to the closed, integral Natural system we exist in.

And with our advanced abilities we reached a point of imminent self-destruction.

On the other hand if we could learn and practically implement acting, thinking mutually together - as connected cells of a single organism - always making calculations for the benefit of the whole collective, taking into consideration the laws and general developmental direction of the whole Natural system, Humanity would become the strongest, most important and benevolent part of the whole cosmic system.

We would become conscious, equal partners with Nature. This is our Human purpose in life.