Learning to roam free

By default, we are imprisoned.

We are locked inside our own, inherently egocentric, individualistic, subjective cocoons.

We have no actual relation to reality “as it is”. In our cocoon (or in our Plato’s cave) we perceive, interact with a very much reduced, filtered, distorted image of the world our personal sensory organs and our personal - self-serving, self-justifying — ”computing device” produces for us.

Up to this point this very basic, individualistic consciousness and perception have served a blind, instinctive day to day survival. But now — as Nature’s evolution demands from us with the global, integral world we have evolved into — we are required to develop a new, truly objective, correct consciousness and perception of reality.

Without this development, we won’t be able to solve problems and survive in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system which is now putting pressure on the Human species to become compatible.

All other parts, elements of Nature are automatically, instinctively integrated into the system by default. But they are not aware of it and they don’t have the ability to research, attain Nature’s utter perfection. We could say, they “take it for granted”.

Only the inherently opposite, “outsider” Humans have the potential ability to become Nature’s conscious, objective observers, witnesses.

We can proactively, consciously integrate into Nature’s system - by first integrating with each other — and thus above, against our inherently subjective, egocentric perception we can observe and justify Nature’s perfection through the acquired systemic, integral consciousness, perception.

We can develop this new consciousness, perception in special, purposeful, and methodical groups, small environments.

By using an appropriate educational, scientific method we can gradually learn how to disconnect from the original consciousness, perception.

By purposefully, methodically making constant, committed efforts to sense, taste, perceive reality through the desires, needs, and viewpoints of the other members of the small, closed environment — above and against one’s own original desires, needs, and viewpoint — we can develop a unique “duality”.

Through the constant, methodical efforts we can acquire an unprecedented, selfless, objective observer point that can see it’s own original desires, opinions, thoughts, viewpoints “from the side” as a reference, contrast; while using the desires, opinions, thoughts, and viewpoints of the others as the new reality one wants to delve into.

After a while, we can develop a unique ability to detect or own, instinctively egocentric, subjective desires, thoughts, viewpoints as a “wall” we can push ourselves away from, anchors we can cut ourselves of, in order to start freely roaming the unlimited reality, the endless ocean of desires, thoughts, viewpoints the other members of the environment are offering.

The fact that this experiment is conducted in a closed, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing environment safeguards the necessary confidence, mutual trust allowing each member to give up the instinctive self-protection, instinctive, spasmodic hold onto the original egocentric, subjective really we are born into.

As a result, each member together can start “floating” above that original consciousness, perception, freely roaming a new reality, that is unbound by the original, egocentric, and subjective limitations of time, space, and physical motion.

Then even outside of their environment, they will be able to use the same template, even with people, in situations where others are unaware of their new ability of the acquired “dual” consciousness and perception.

On the other hand with the above-mentioned method anybody can develop the same ability.



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.