Learning to “ride the donkey” as Human beings

Opinion from the Internet:

“It is a great idea to learn how to develop a Human being in us that can exist and act above instinctive urges. I would love nothing more but to take part in this evolution. I am a human being though and intelligent enough (in my own mind), to realize that my “ego” is just a very teeny tiny part of who I am. The bottom line is…..I am an animal and sometimes I certainly do behave like one. I’ve got millions of years of instincts embedded in my brain and that can not be educated away. I wish it could, truly I do. I have been exposed to some of the vilest human beings you can imagine, or not. No drug or amount of therapy can fix these monsters and no matter how hard I try to understand their motives, I keep coming back to the “animal” thing. Some people function on nothing but their impulse to act on any “animal instinct” that passes through their little reptilian brains and there is NO fix for it. We are animals. Period. End of story.”

I am with you. This animal — “donkey” (chamor from the Hebrew word chomer, ‘matter’)is in all of us, and it is neither good, nor it is evil since we had no choice about it to start with.

Moreover, as you said we cannot and must not try to erase or even suppress this “animal” in us. The Human being we can develop in ourselves is not instead, but above the instinctive being in us.

As the wise scientists who gave us the method of developing the Human in us wrote, we simply grow, develop the Human that can ride the “donkey” — channel the all-powerful ego towards positive, constructive purposes, goals — the instinctive animalistic creature in us.

We can use its vast power, its vast desire for pleasures, for fulfillment in a new, “Human way” as a result of the unique educational process we go through. So we do not need to be ashamed about the ego, the instinctive matter we are made of. The free choice and the shame starts when we received the chance to build the Human and we did not do it!