Learning to grow infinitely

The end of the usual, egotistic growth

Humanity has reached crucial, fateful crossroads. Up to this point we have developed in an inherently egocentric, individualistic way, each for one’s own.

We have been accumulating pleasures, fulfillment for ourselves as if the whole world was created only for us, personally.

We all lived the “American Dream”, chasing free, infinite personal success, profit in a seemingly unlimited market, Natural system with infinite resources.

But now we know that the “American Dream” is truly only a dream.

In the globally integrated, fully interdependent world we suddenly find ourselves we can’t keep on consuming, accumulating everything for ourselves. We inevitably bump into each other, start to succeed, grow at each other’s expense, while the system doesn’t have infinite resources either.

We have saturated the system and seemingly there is nowhere else to grow. If we follow our instinctive nature and our “historic solutions”, the only way forward is war, by that depleting the Human population to free up the market, playground again in order to restart the previous opportunity for the inherently egocentric, selfish growth, expansion.

Growing through each other instead of at each other’s expense

Fortunately, there is another way of growth we can learn, which doesn’t require “culling” Humanity, but it is the opposite, the more people we have around us the more we can grow!

This new, infinite method of growth requires fundamental changes in us, how we relate to others, and to existence in general.

We have to — as if — revisit the time in Natural evolution when single-cell organisms evolved into qualitatively much higher, multi-cellular organisms.

We would also have to abandon the original, inherently selfish, egocentric, individualistic, and exploitative calculations and start existing, acting for the sake of the collective, multi-cellular organism. This is what Nature’s evolution — which relentlessly drives the whole system towards a final, most optimal integration — demands from us.

So our primary objective for the changes is collective survival, learning how to solve our mounting global problems, to safeguard the perpetual survival of our species.

But the actual benefit, rewards from this are much deeper, greater.

Acquiring a new, integral consciousness, perception of reality

By purposefully, methodically combining Human beings into a single, integral network, single, living organism, we create the conditions for infinite growth, infinite fulfillment!

We can learn, practice this in a unique, closed, fully committed environment, where a few (5–10) people start practicing to exist, experience life through each other.

Instead of living inside themselves, for the sake of themselves as the original Human ego, operating program demands, they learn — through a unique method — how to live for the sake of others.

They can gradually reduce their original selves into a single, selfless point that accepts existence only for the sake of others. This way those others become one’s actual integral parts, cells, organs the original “self” exists, worries, works for.

As a result instead of the previous “single-cell”, a limited vessel for pleasures, fulfillment one acquires multiple vessels one can work with.

Additionally, as the fulfillment is not for the sake of the original egotistic, subjective self any longer, but away from the self, towards “others” (who now become one’s internal parts), the fulfillment never extinguishes the desire, need but the hunger, yearning and the fulfillment constantly grow parallel to each other.

As a result, instead of the usual short-circuit between desire and fulfillment, everything becomes exponentially greater, the yearning multiplying the pleasure, pleasure multiplying the yearning as if the more we eat the hungrier we become and the more we can enjoy eating endlessly…

It turns out that the more people I can attach to myself through this method, “I” multiply like the original embryonic cell which keeps dividing, growing a complete, living body. After people learn this method in the small, initial environment (organ), people can gradually attach the ever-growing circles of “cells" (people) to themselves.

This way around the initial “self” that became the single selfless point, “stem-cell” they can enjoy the life and continuous fulfillment of the whole organism which can grow to the size of billions of people.

Sensing Nature from within — as truly Human beings

Moreover, as we change our consciousness, perception from a subjective, individualistic one to a collective, composite, integral consciousness, perception, we become compatible with Nature’s fully integral, quantum system. As such we can fully attain, understand, enjoy, and justify the utter perfection, infinite and eternal life-flow within the system.

Reaching this “multi-cellular”, integral, quantum consciousness and perception is the evolutionary purpose of our Human existence.



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