Learning to demand and accept correctly

Existence equals the desire to live

We are not the masters of our own fate, life. All through life we are dependant on forces, conditions out of our control for survival, development, growth.

Fine-tuning ourselves to Nature’s system

As we have evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world where we all became like cells, cogwheels in a giant, fully integrated system, our original “modus operandi” has become ineffective, insufficient on multiple accounts.

Human observer — the perfect adaptor

The same scientists solve the problem for us: the actual act of giving or reception does not matter. The only thing that matters is with what intention we give or receive! After all, even giving can be performed with evil, negative, selfish intentions, when by giving we cause more harm than doing nothing. Even love can be destructive when we “love” someone with the wrong intentions, goals!