Learning to demand and accept correctly

Existence equals the desire to live

We are not the masters of our own fate, life. All through life we are dependant on forces, conditions out of our control for survival, development, growth.

Unique, empirical scientists who managed to study our Natural reality in its full depth, “from within” — by changing themselves until they became completely equivalent in their qualities as Nature’s selfless, altruistic system — tell us, that our nature, “matter” is characterized by the insatiable desire for fulfillment, pleasures, survival.

Our existence equals the need, desire to survive, desire for fulfillment.

This means that in our core we are like individual “black-holes”, constantly drawing towards ourselves everything from the reality we can perceive. Then whatever we draw towards ourselves we filter out what we need for our day to day survival based on a completely self-centered “pleasure/pain” software. Whatever we let through from reality through these egocentric, subjective filters is the reality we live in. This is a highly limited and subjectively distorted reality.

Although mostly it happens subconsciously, we are in constant need, request towards the “Natural Universe” that gave us life and still sustains us. Even when we seemingly act by ourselves, the energy, the desires, motivation, goals all come to us from the “outside”. There is nothing that originates in us, we are simply like “computer screens” that display whatever flows through us, or we accumulate inside.

The notion that we are alive means that at each and every moment we have a new demand request towards the reality surrounding us based on our actual state and a higher, more improved, next, higher state. If there was no such need, necessity driving us, if there was no gap between the actual and another, more desired state, we would not be able to move.

The most important reason for depression is when people do not feel such a difference, attractive deficiency towards a potentially better, higher state thus they can’t function any longer.

Fine-tuning ourselves to Nature’s system

As we have evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world where we all became like cells, cogwheels in a giant, fully integrated system, our original “modus operandi” has become ineffective, insufficient on multiple accounts.

First of all, due to the completely subjective egocentric perception we can’t agree with each other, we can’t work together on solving the mounting global problems, issues threatening our existence.

Moreover, by drawing everything excessively towards ourselves, accumulating possessions, resources for ourselves that are beyond our necessities, we are inevitably taking those resources, fulfillment away from others, from the system, behaving like cancer, depleting the general system, causing harm all around.

If we want to improve on our dire situation — where Humanity as a species is sleepwalking towards self-destruction, while individually despite having much more than most of the people need we are still unhappy, empty and depressed — we need to completely rearrange our relationship to Nature’s system our livelihood comes from and to the global Human society that surrounds us and behaves as a buffer between us and Nature.

We need to become conscious about our constant state of asking, demanding from the system and we have to start controlling the aim, the intention of that demand.

The same unique scientists we mentioned earlier say that we can receive everything from Nature — if we ask exactly what and how we need to ask.

The Natural system is not like a Human being we ask from, we can appeal to even bribe in some way. Nature is a lawful and deterministic system. This means that we have to change, fine-tune ourselves like tuning a radio in order to receive everything the system has to offer. We have to reach equivalence of qualities, “frequencies” with the system to reach this perfect connection, reception.

Nature’s system is characterized by the qualities of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service, giving towards its creatures, elements.

Here we find a seemingly unsolvable problem: if we are purely a desire for fulfillment how could we reach similarity with a system that is a pure giver, provider?! How can we find that matching frequency?!

Human observer — the perfect adaptor

The same scientists solve the problem for us: the actual act of giving or reception does not matter. The only thing that matters is with what intention we give or receive! After all, even giving can be performed with evil, negative, selfish intentions, when by giving we cause more harm than doing nothing. Even love can be destructive when we “love” someone with the wrong intentions, goals!

So we can learn — in unique, closed, purposeful and highly practical environments how to receive with selfless, altruistic, unconditionally giving intentions. After all, as we mentioned earlier nothing originates in us, everything is created by, provided by Nature’s system.

So in these unique environments, we can learn how to establish such selfless, altruistic observers from ourselves, that can connect to others, feeling their desires as they were our own — without any instinctively egocentric, subjective distortions.

At the same time through the same selfless, altruistic observer point we can also start to sense the “desire” in Nature’s system, we can study, attain Nature’s overall plan to provide all of its creatures, elements with everything they need, driving the whole system towards the most complete, perfect integration.

This way we can become like an adapter, facilitator, transparent, pure transition between the source — Nature — and the targets — everybody, everything else in Nature’s system we can sense around ourselves. Thus we become like unique “bees”, collecting the needs, desires from all, carrying them to Nature’s system for fulfillment. At the same time, we do not make any personal, egotistic calculations, we do not make conditions, we do not have any expectations about how those desires need to be fulfilled, we do not even want to know if they are fulfilled.

We become “blind and mute” carriers of the needs, desires of others towards the source, and transferring whatever comes back from the system towards those in need. In truth, it is only our original egotistic self that is “blind and mute”. Our selfless, altruistic, unconditional serving observer — that exists in the others and connected to Nature at the same time — feels everything flowing, streaming through it.

It is this perfect, transparent observer that becomes aware of the perfection of Nature, sensing existence detached from the usual, instinct, egocentric, and subjective limitations of time, space, and physical motion.



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.