Learning, practicing a new meaning of “Globalization”

Globalization — organized by evolution

The term “Globalization” still evokes very different — mostly negative- emotions in people. After all, so far we have been encountering negative effects of it drawing various “anti-Globalization” protests worldwide. Now even the pandemic is blamed on it.

The most important for us to understand that “globalization” — living in a globally integrated and interdependent world — is not “man-made”. Nature’s evolution, which relentlessly driving the whole Natural system towards a full, seamless, most optimal integration drove us into the “Global Village”.

The virus simply showed us — this time in an unquestionable manner, without doubts — what this interdependence and absolute mutual responsibility towards each other actually means. So far we have used “globalization” selfishly, using the markets, financial institutions, global businesses, and entertainment for selfish profit, exploiting each other.

Sensing Interdependence on our Flesh

Now we have to learn a completely new meaning of this interdependence, mutual responsibility. This mutual responsibility does not only mean being afraid of getting an infection from others and making sure I do not infect others myself.

In a fully integrated system we live in now, every decision, any action I take, even the thoughts I think inadvertently and irreversibly affects the whole system. We are like cogwheels of a gear change system that previously felt each other apart as if being able to move independently of one another. Now Nature releases the clutch and all the cogwheels snapped into place.

Natural, Global Integration — Global Awareness, Consciousness

The COVID-19 virus is a signal, that we entered a completely new, this time conscious phase of Human development, where we can’t continue blindly obeying our inherently selfish, egotistic, individualistic nature as before. Above and against these instincts we need to act with conscious, methodical, mutual responsibility, keeping the well-being, optimal development of the whole collective, the whole system above the instinctive egocentric, subjective calculations.

On the other hand, we gain huge by this. By integrating with each other we also integrate into nature’s system through the achieved similarity, compatibility with it.

Since contrary to all other parts, elements of Nature we acquire integration consciously, actively, against our instinctive program, we gain an unprecedented systemic awareness, consciousness, a perfect, objective perception, attainment of Nature’s complete system as if we designed, operated, owned it!



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