Question from the Internet:

“Which is more efficient, change, or maintenance? Why?”

This is a very deep question that peeks into life itself!

Through our development Human beings made themselves believe that they are in total control of everything that happens with them, around.

We completely forgot about the Natural system that “gave us life”, developed, develops us, and changes us and the whole system around us through evolution.

In short, we are not responsible for the changes. We ourselves constantly change and the world around us changes constantly due to Nature’s “inner engine of development” driving the whole system towards its goal.

We can’t control how we grow after being born, how our own body goes through all kinds of changes. We can’t control how the seasons are changing, how the planets revolve around the Sun, how the tidal rhythm changes.

And we can’t control evolution which constantly moves, develops the system towards the most optimal integration between all of its extremely diverse parts, elements.

What we are responsible for is maintenance. And contrary to all other parts, elements of Nature — that are instinctively, automatically maintaining their integration into the system, seamlessly evolving, developing, changing together with all — Human beings are not automatically “tuned” to the system’s frequency of change.

We are expected to learn and fully understand how and why the system is changing, what its final goal is, and we need to consciously, proactively, methodically adapt ourselves to the system and its changes above and against our inherently “outsider” (individualistic and egotistic) nature, program.

So we need to learn how to maintain compatibility with Nature’s integrated, interdependent system developing towards the most optimal, complete integration. And this can happen only when we learn how to reach similarity with Nature by building “Nature-like” integration, mutuality in Human society.

And since we have to achieve this “maintenance” above and against the constantly resisting, opposing inherent nature, we need a unique educational method that can help us in the dynamic maintenance, adaptation against and above the constant changes from Nature’s system and from our own opposite nature.

When we learn and implement how to keep this dynamic balance we reach, merit our “truly Human” state in Nature.