Learning how to relate to Nature — from Nature

Question from the internet:

How can we change the way we relate to nature and its affected natural resources?

While it might sound like a paradox, we need to learn from Nature — how to relate to Nature and its resources.

By default, we exist through our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative, and subjective operating software, which drives us towards excessive consumption, and succeeding, surviving at each other’s and Nature’s expense.

This is why Human history is a helplessly recurring chain of vicious cycles, this is why our own civilization is in perpetual crisis heading towards self-destruction, and this is why we are in constant war with Nature.

In order to correct the inherent “flaw/bug” in our original operating software, we need to use Nature’s template of integral, mutually complementing interconnections and a lifestyle based on the optimal parameters between Natural necessities and available Natural resources.

By adjusting ourselves to Nature through the template copied from Nature, we will also start to understand evolution’s deterministic, relentless plan driving the whole system full integration.

As a result, we will also understand our own role in the system and the reason why we were born as “outsiders”, opposite to Nature: in order to give us the opportunity to complete our development by our own efforts, consciously, methodically through free choice.

By that, we will merit being the “Crowns of Nature”.