Learning how to receive fulfillment perfectly

Zsolt Hermann
6 min readJun 25, 2020

We are “created”

Our life is not our own.

Meaning, we didn’t create ourselves, we didn’t give birth to ourselves. We received our existence and all through life we are dependent on forces outside of our reach to stay alive and develop.

Initially we feel “created” by our parents. But then as we grow up we realize that they are also “created”, and they simply performed a certain “transitional role” in helping us to appear in this life.

But we all depend on forces, circumstances that are beyond our reach.

The most important motif of Human history is how we relate to the source, sources our lives comes from, depends on.

It doesn’t matter whether we attribute the origin of our life to Nature, or to certain “higher”, “divine” forces, we have a constant, uneasy, never-ending quarrel, relationship with our — so far unknown — origin.

We are “receivers”, searching for purpose

When we reduce this relationship to a simple equation, this “origin” gives life and we accept, use it, and the whole reality we sense is the “playground” between us and this origin, where we knowingly, unknowingly interact.

And regardless of being religious or not we are unsettled in this relationship, as we hate being dependent, we hate receiving something without knowing why we received it, what the true “rules of the game”are, we don’t know how to use our existence in the best way, if we “please or displease” that source that gave us life, like an unknown parent.

And even if we don’t have such thoughts, in our DNA the questions above the meaning, purpose of life are engraved, and these questions awaken in sudden, unexpected moments disturbing us, especially when our lives aren’t going so well — like now.

Whether we are aware of this is not, whether we search for this or not, our actual Human purpose in life is to “make contact” with the force, force-field that gave us life, and still directs us through its plan of development. As a result we would become able to go behind the scenes and finally map, understand the cause and effect processes that drive us behind the superficial events of history, personal life.

We could finally see where the process is leading to and what we need to do to fulfill our role and this way establish a mutual, partnering relationship with our “origin” like finding a long lost parent.

Emotional fine-tuning

This is a very unique process which is purely scientific on one hand while 100% emotional on the other hand since we are “sentient creatures” and even when we research, understands something we do that through our emotions.

Our mind, intellect then sorts, catalogs, analyzes the emotional data we receive.

The most important element of this process is changing, fine-tuning how we accept, receive reality around us.

As we mentioned earlier the simple equation, it “mysterious source” is the giver, while we are the receivers of life, reality. As a result our matter, the engine, the core that drives us is an instable desire for fulfillment, for knowledge, for pleasures. It is this desire that keeps us alive, motivates us in every moment of our life.

Childish, addictive Human behavior

Initially we want everything like children do. We want everything for ourselves, demanding excessive pleasures, knowledge, fullfilment as if we were the “love child” of wealthy parents that deserve everything under the sun.

Though we don’t know our “parents” we have a sense that we can ask, demand, take everything our heart desires, like children running around in a toy store, believing that everything is free and infinitely replaced, replenished.

In truth we are still in this childhood phase when we look at our Human system, that is built on excessive overproduction, overconsumption, and the ruthless, exclusive competition between us. We are like children fighting in the sandpit, bullying each other endlessly for resources, wealth, power and knowledge.

We are in a perfect Natural system, which is like a doting parent that gives everything to the beloved children. Except that this parent is tricksy.

As we can see through history, we can take, receive, use, manipulate, change, replace, erase anything we want without prior warnings, guidelines. Even if there are guidelines, so far they have been very muted, easy to miss or ignore.

But as long as we take, receive, change anything we shouldn’t, if we take too much, we become “sick” like children who eat too much chocolate. As we recklessly build one self-serving, narcissistic, cruel civilization after another, we constantly destroy what we build, those who rise to the top (in any respect) inevitably become corrupted by their power and fall soon after.

Through such recurring vicious cycles — as our ravenous appetite, want constantly grows, while Nature (our parent, source) gradually tightens its grip on us — in our generations we reached a very fragile, volatile threshold: if we continue our petulant, childish behavior, development any further, we will surely self-destruct, within this or the next generation!

Thus we have no other choice but to learn how to accept, receive existence in the right way, as by our present selfish, exploitive way we are like addicts, who literally killing themselves by their egocentric, excessive, harmful reception, consumption!

Learning how to accept everything perfectly, infinitely

Since Nature’s system constantly gives 100%, and wants to continually give and nurture life, everything depends only in us. We have to change, fine-tune what, and in what way we want, how we open ourselves, our desires to the “endless bounty” Nature’s perfect system can offer.

The truth is that due to us constantly demanding, consuming only for ourselves we can’t even access what there is in offer from Nature. At the moment we sense and consume only morsels from the true resources, treasures, opportunities the system contains.

This is why we need a very special, purposeful and highly practical educational method — developed by those who already, tangibly, practically achieved perfect, infinite reception from, partnership with Nature — to learn how to accept our existence and fulfill the role, purpose we were given life for.

Nature’s system is fully integrated, it is a network of elements and forces. Thus in order to accept, receive what such a system has to offer, we have to build a matching “device”, vessel that matches perfectly what’s on offer.

This means that the inherently egotistic, selfish individuals cannot connect to, receive properly from integral Nature as they don’t have similarity, equivalence with its network. Only a network of individuals who build their connection on Nature’s selfless, altruistic template can connect and receive.

Which means that the integral, interdependent connection between people — we call “globalization” — is not enough. How, in what way, for whose sake we receive, accept is even more important.

We need to learn to receive, accept everything for the sake of others, according to the needs, desires and viewpoints of others making transparent “pipelines”, transitions, capillaries from ourselves. We would take for ourselves only what’s necessary for a comfortable, modern, healthy life and draw and distribute everything else only for others, for the same of the whole collective.

Such an unprecedented, “supernatural” — above our inherently selfish, egocentric, exploitative nature — process can start, develop only in small, specially organized, methodical environments.

Even in such mutually responsible, mutually complementing, supportive environment we can become successful only if we “recruit”, “harness” Nature’s evolutionary force. And since by our efforts towards reaching resemblance with Nature’s system we align ourselves with it’s developmental goal, direction towards full integration, the engine behind evolution’s flow starts assisting, driving us.

This is how we can go against, above our inherent tendencies, instincts, hormonal reactions.

Reaching our evolutionary Human purpose by accepting everything from Nature

The closer we get to similarity, resemblance in our desires, intentions with Nature’s integral system with our “collective vessel”, the more we open the valves and feel how Nature’s perfect life-flow, “circle of life” streams through us, as long as we don’t block it with the usual egotistic, exploitative intentions, inclination.

This is how we can gradually learn how to want, accept and receive all the perfection that resides in Nature’s system, which gave us life for this very purpose!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.